Non-Academic Misconduct

Nonacademic Misconduct

The UW System (UWS) and its schools expect that students demonstrate appropriate behavior and follow state and federal laws. The UWS Administrative Code outlines polices that all students are expected to follow. 

The UWRF Student Code of Conduct is made up of UWS Chapters 14, 17, and 18. These chapters outline both academic (14) and nonacademic (17 and 18) disciplinary procedures for all UW System students, as well as, prohibited behavior. These policies apply both on and off campus.

  • Underage alcohol use

  • Illegal use or possession of controlled substances

  • Damage to property

  • Using a fake ID

  • Noncompliance with disciplinary sanctions

  • Parking in a restricted parking area without a valid permit or in a fire zone, fire lane, loading zone, or no parking zone

  • Removing, destroying, or molesting any bird, animal or fish life

  • Having dogs, cats, and other pets in a university building

  • Climbing into, out of, or onto any university building, including roofs

  • Entering onto the playing surface of an officially sanctioned athletic event while it is in progress