Student Conduct and Community Standards

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have received a letter for the following reasons:
  • You are being charged with an alleged policy violation.
  • You have been identified as a potential witness or victim.
  • You are being updated on a case that you are involved in.
  • SCCS staff would like to talk with you about a concern.

Sanctions are outcomes of being found responsible for a policy violation. Examples include:

  • A written reprimand
  • Community service
  • Disciplinary probation
  • Denial of access to a specific location or of a university privilege 
  • Reflection paper
  • Alcohol education
  • Suspension or expulsion

UW System policies are independent from law enforcement; therefore, any decision made by a law enforcement agency does not take the place of the student conduct process.

Students may appeal a finding of responsibility and/or a sanction imposed through the hearing process. 

To make an appeal, students must submit a request for a hearing via this form within 10 calendar days following the date of the student's decision letter.


Your ability to be an active UWRF student will not be impacted by the student conduct process, unless you are suspended or expelled. 

It is possible that restrictions on your activities as a student (i.e. loss of privileges to utilize the Falcon Center, ability to live on campus, clearance to study abroad, removal from a class, etc.) will be impacted by your involvement in the conduct process. 

Students who choose not to comply with disciplinary sanctions wil have a hold placed on their student account which will prevent the ability to register for courses.The hold will be in place until sanctions are completed. 

The Family Education Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) protects your educational record from being shared. It is possible that an employer, lawyer, etc. may request your conduct file as a part of their hiring or investigative process. FERPA requires that any release of your conduct record only be done (unless required by law) with your written consent.

It is also common for Admissions offices at other institutions to request information related to your conduct history as a part of their admissions process. FERPA applies here as well.

Parents/guardians will not be given any specific information about your conduct history, unless you provide written consent. We do notify parents of some conduct violations (i.e. alcohol use) but this is an effort to provide you (the student) with the needed support to make changes in your behavior. No details about the incident/situation will be provided.

Concerns related to student misconduct, on or off campus, can be reported via the UWRF Report It webpage. Reports can be submitted anyomously, if desired.

Completed sanctions (e.g., reflection papers, community service hours, etc.) can be submitted via this form. Students can also submit their materials in person at South Hall 310.

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