Behavioral Intervention Team (B.I.T.)

Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)

BIT is an interdisciplinary team comprised of campus professionals focused on early detection and intervention for students who have exhibited behaviors that may constitute a risk to their personal safety or the safety of others. The team receives and reviews reports for the purpose of assisting the student(s) involved, mitigating risk, and promoting well-being and success within our existing university policies and resources.


The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) is dedicated to the identification of, evaluation of, and response to UWRF students whose behavior has reached a level of concern indicating a potential for harm toward one's self or others.

Team Responsibilities

The BIT’s responsibilities are student-centered and focused on ensuring the safety of the UWRF community. Team members provide education to faculty, staff, and community members about the role of the BIT and its presence on campus. BIT receives, reviews, and maintains record of concerning student behavior and ensures student confidentiality is maintained whenever possible. The team meets regularly to assess concerning situations and to provide recommendations to mitigate risk and promote student success. Appropriate monitoring and follow-up services are provided, and students are connected to appropriate campus and community resources.

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