Behavioral Intervention Team (B.I.T.)

BIT Members

Others may participate when necessary.

“Students, faculty, and staff will be more likely to receive the help that they need when university officials are working together to locate and coordinate resources and collaboratively protect the campus community.”

--Governor’s Task Force on Campus Safety 2007

The team accomplishes this by:

  • Meeting weekly and working on a consensus basis.
  • Serving as a central network focused on prevention and early intervention in University community situations involving students engaging in behavior that threatens one's self or others.
  • Providing collaborative consultation and developing strategies to address concerns regarding a students’ well-being or behavior. This may include specific actions for each situation and team members or other individuals who will follow-up on the identified policies.
  • Regularly assessing harmful behaviors at the University and surrounding community and recommending actions in accordance with existing University policies.

Examples of concerning or problematic behavior that is reportable to the team:

  • Behavior that creates a hostile environment
  • Actions that potentially endanger the safety of any member of the UWRF community
  • Behavior that impacts a student's ability to function appropriately and successfully on campus
  • Threatening words or actions towards any member of the UWRF community
  • Online posting on social media or journals that is threatening in nature
  • Uncharacteristic and/or extreme aggression towards others
  • Projects or papers that convey clear intentions to harm one's self or others
  • Any type of observed self-injurious behavior
  • Suicide ideation that includes threats, gestures, and known attempts of suicide
  • Relationship violence
  • Stalking
  • Aggression towards others
  • Students with weapons or an infatuation with fire, guns, bombs, ammunition, or other weaponry
  • Paranoia or delusions by a student
  • Substance abuse

For more information regarding the Behavior Intervention Team, please contact the Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards at 715-425-4844.

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