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What is an allocable segregated fee?
An allocable segregated fee supports mainly student organized activities such as student government or student organizations.

What is a non-allocable segregated fee?
A non-allocable segregated fee provides the main support for student-services operations and facilities such as student health services or student centers.

Why am I paying for the C.H.I.L.D. Care Center if I won't be using the services?
All students pay segregated fees in support of the delivery of services to the campus community. The C.H.I.L.D. Care Center fee supports the facility bond payment. Operational costs are funded by families that utilize the center.

I am a graduate student. Why am I being charged a textbook rental fee?
Since graduate students do not utilize Textbook Services, you are not charged a textbook rental fee each semester.

Why am I paying for Rodli Hall to be remodeled? Isn't there already a new student center on campus?
Rodli Hall is being remodeled into a Student Services Center. Students agreed to support this project as part of the segregated fee formula.

What are intramurals?
Intramurals are organized individual or team activities. For more information, visit Campus Recreation.

Why do I have to pay the intramural segregated fee if I don't want to play intramurals?
All students pay segregated fees in support of the delivery of services to the campus community.

Where is the campus bookstore located?
The Falcon Shop (bookstore) is located in the University Center on the main level, across from the coffee shop. If you are trying to get your textbooks, please visit Textbook Services in Hagestad Hall.

Where is the bank located?
First National Bank and its ATM are located on the main level of the University Center, adjacent to the Falcon Shop and across from the coffee shop.

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