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Being successful on campus reaches beyond just the core Student Success Team.  Being successful on campus also involves fostering a sense of belonging on campus, and at UWRF, we do this in a number of ways:

  • Our New Student and Family Programs office provides new students and their families with the information, resources, and support that is needed during the transition to and through the college experience. 
  • For students of color and/or low income, first generation students, our Aspire mentorship program may be of interest as it helps students transition to campus both socially and academically.
  • Student Support Services, a federally-funded TRIO program, offers a number of educational outreach and enrichment opportunities to maximize academic success when students first arrive on campus and through to graduation.
  • Living on campus is a great way to build a community and foster a sense of belonging, so check out your options through Residence Life.  One option while living on campus is to become part of a Living & Learning Community: check these opportunities as well. 
  • Eating healthy and regularly is also one of the keys to student success, so Dining Services is dedicated to providing a quality experience for students. 
  • UWRF's campus also offers plenty of opportunites for students to be engaged--students often find their "people" through Student Involvement and Campus Recreation activities. 

We think it's important for everyone to recognize a key aspect of UWRF: We are all here to promote student success. 


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