Health Indicators

County Priorities

Chisago County MN

1. Prevent obesity and illegal use/abuse of tobacco and drugs.

2. Increase awareness and efforts to manage chronic disease including but not limited to cancer and diabetes.

3. Increase Public Health visibility and awareness of what the Public Health Division is and does.

4. Advocate for policy changes to serve underinsured and non-insured.


Washington County MN

1.      Obesity in children and adults due to poor nutrition and physical inactivity.

2.      Undiagnosed and untreated mental health problems among children and adults due to stigma and inaccessible resources.

3.      Premature death and disability from chronic diseases due to unhealthy lifestyles and delayed detection of medical conditions.

4.      Impaired groundwater and surface water quality due to improper use and disposal of pollutants.

5.      Limited ability of communities to respond to and recover from emergencies due to gaps in planning and training activities.

6.      Illegal use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs among youth and adults.

7.      Unmet physical, mental, and social needs of the aging population due to limited resources/services and inadequate personal planning.

8.      Risk of abuse and neglect of children and vulnerable adults due to inadequate parenting, caregiver support and resources.

9.      Improper waste management due to inadequate information, incentives, alternatives or regulations.

10.  Residents unable to access appropriate health resources and day care due to cultural and socio-economic barriers.

11.  Inappropriate risk behaviors by adolescents and young adults due to inadequate and inconsistent family and community support for healthy youth development.

12.  Reduced physical, mental, and economic health for residents due to limited access to transportation.

Source: Washington County Community Health Assessment

Pierce County WI

1. Access to health care; including medical, dental, and mental health services.

2. Overweight and obesity due to lack of physical activity and inadequate fruit and vegetable intake.

3. Alcohol issues related to underage drinking and binge drinking.

Source: Pierce County Community Health Improvement Plan

Polk County WI

1. Increase physical activity through changes to environment, policy and support.

2. Improve nutrition through increased consumption of fruits and vegetables, decreased consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages and other less nutritious foods, and increased breastfeeding.

Source: Polk County Community Health Improvement Plan, 2013-2017

St. Croix County WI

1. Access to primary and preventive health services.

2. Overweight, obesity, and lack of physical activity.

3. Adequate and appropriate nutrition.

4. Alcohol and other substance use and addiction.

5. Tobacco use and exposure.

6. Environmental and occupational health hazards.

7. Existing, emerging, and re-Emerging communicable diseases.

8. High risk sexual behavior.

9. Intentional and unintentional injuries and violence.

10. Mental health and mental disorders.

11. Social and economic factors that influence health.

Source: St Croix County Community Health Improvement Plan, 2009-2014