Semester Abroad Europe

How Much Will It Cost?

The total cost to participate in SA: Europe - including tuition, airfare, travel and living expenses, etc. - is approximately $10,000  to $13,000. 

Of course, your individual lifestyle will determine how much money you will need in Europe. Any financial aid that applies toward your on-campus tuition can also be used for this program. In fact, the Office of Financial Assistance recognizes that students in study abroad programs often have a higher level of need, and it can offer you additional aid. Special loans and scholarships are also available for study abroad.

The following expenses are paid before you leave. These costs vary slightly from year to year:

  • Mandatory Insurance and International Programs Fees $425
  • Air travel and group stays in Paris and Levanto $2000
  • Ground transportation in Europe (rail travel with a rail pass, urban transportation, etc.) $800 - $1600
  • We recommend that students have at least $6000 to pay for their expenses while in Europe.