Amenities and Services

As you make the transition to college, your residence hall is designed to provide you with everything you need to be successful in your "home away from home."

Bikes & Bike Lockers

Bikes are welcomed on campus. Bike racks are located on each side of campus, conveniently adjacent to the residence halls.

BikeLockerA limited number of enclosed bike lockers are available for rent on a first come first serve basis for each side of campus - please fill out the Bike Locker Rental Agreement Form to reserve a bike locker.

Bed Lofting & Futon Details

Loftable Beds:  All beds are loftable, and the materials needed are included in the room. View a video demonstration for how to loft a UWRF bed.

Futons:  Many students who loft their bed(s) choose to put a futon underneath.  Students may purchase a futon on their own - we recommend checking room dimensions to be sure it will fit.

Blu-Ray Entertainment Rooms

Most residence halls have a Blu-Ray entertainment room equipped with 52" LCD TV's, Sony Blu-Ray Players (which will play regular DVD's as well), easy input and output ports to hook up your own Wii, Xbox or vintage gaming systems, surround sound, and new furniture and fixtures to create the perfect setting to watch your favorite shows or play your favorite games. Just stop by your hall front desk to check out the room key and remotes.

Collaborative Stations

Collaborative stations are specially-designed work areas strategically placed in designated halls throughout campus where students may hold meetings to collaborate on projects using multimedia. Each collaborative station provides a table with power outlets and adapters which connect to a large flat screen television, allowing users to display the content of their multimedia device on a larger screen for others in the room to view. View halls with collaborative stations.

Digital Cable Television

You will need a digital ready television or a converter box and a coaxial cable in order to access the cable network. 

See Television Frequently Asked Questions for a list of cable channels and other TV information.

Coaxial Cables are available at the Department of Technology Services.

Front Desk Services

Central to the services provided in the residence halls is the Front Desk. The Front Desk in every hall is staffed each day during afternoon and evening hours. Desk Assistants are there to help students, guests, and visitors, to our halls and campus. In addition to being the central welcoming point to each hall, the desk is also a place where students can check out supplies, such as pots and pans, outdoor recreational equipment, pool table equipment, movies, and games with a social fee card.

Front Desk Check-out Items: games, DVDs, kitchen items, tools, more...


Heat settings can be adjusted in individual rooms. Click on the appropriate location for information on how to adjust the heat in a particular hall.


Kitchen and cooking facilities are available in each residence hall. These facilities usually include a stove top, oven, and microwave.


Laundry facilities are located in each hall. These facilities are either located in the basement or in individual communities depending on the building. Laundry machines are free to residence hall students. Each student will need to provide their own detergent and dryer sheets.

Linen and Bedding Purchase Service

The Res Hall Linens and Bedding Program is provided for purchasing specially sized sheets, blankets and comforters that are sized to fit the extra long mattresses in the residence halls.


Students have secure mailboxes in their residence hall they can access with their room key. Mail service is delivered to front desks Monday through Saturday. When packages are delivered to the hall students will receive a slip in their mailbox and then may pick up their package at the front desk. You will need this slip and your UWRF ID to retrieve your package. Packages can only retrieved while the desk is open each day (we advise you to inform friends, parents, etc. to not send cash and to certify anything of value with the Post Office). Your name must be written clearly along with your correct room number. Please share the correct address with friends and family! Mail that cannot be identified/delivered by desk staff due to incomplete address will be forwarded to the Department of Residence Life for processing.

Mailing addresses are listed on each hall's webpage

Residence Hall Web Pages >>


Microfridge Units

Microfridge units are provided in each residence hall room (excluding George R. Field South Fork Suites, where each suite's kitchenette includes a full-size refrigerator and microwave).  The microfridge units have a 5.6 cubic foot refrigerator component and a 0.9 cubic foot microwave (850 watts).

The shelf in the door is large enough to accommodate half-gallon or 2-liter containers.  The unit also includes a charging station so students can easily and safely re-charge their cell phones or other electronic devices.

Print Via PaperCut

PaperCut allows students to print to any "Print Anywhere" printer on campus using a computer, tablet, or phone connected to the Internet, as well as from university computer labs and kiosks.  View more information here.

Technology Questions (Computer, TV, Phone)

All halls are 100% wireless.

Digital cable television: see answers to commonly asked questions.

Technology support: for students living in the residence halls, direct any computer, TV or phone support questions to the Division of Technology Services (DoTS) at 715-425-3687.