Facilities and Services

As you make the transition to college, your residence hall is designed to provide you with everything you need to be successful in your "home away from home."

Bed Lofts

Residence hall rooms are equipped with components to properly loft a bed. Students are required to return their bed back to its original position before checking out of the room.

Bicycle Storage, Maintenance and Registration

Bikes are welcome on campus, however, they cannot be stored inside the residence halls.

  • Bike racks are located adjacently to the residence halls.
  • A limited number of enclosed bike lockers are available for rent on a first come first serve basis for each side of campus. Please complete the Bike Locker Rental Agreement. The cost are $60 per academic year and $25 for the summer.
  • University Police offer a free bicycle registration program which records each bike’s information (make, model, serial number, color, and owner information). Bicycle registration will assist in the recovery of lost or missing bicycles and help reduce the potential theft of bicycles. Contact the University Police with questions (715-425-3133).


Blu-Ray Rooms

Residence halls (with the exception of Ames and South Fork Suites) have a Blu-Ray entertainment room equipped with 52" LCD TV's, Sony Blu-Ray Players (which will play regular DVD's as well), easy input and output ports to hook up a Wii, Xbox or other gaming systems, surround sound and furniture and fixtures to create the perfect setting to watch shows or play video games. Blue-Ray rooms are available for students to use between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 a.m. on weekdays and 12:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. on weekends.

Cable Television

The link below lists TV channels provided to students living in the Residence Halls. There are “sub-channels” available from local providers. These channels frequently change. Students should scan for new channels periodically to pick up these new offerings.

View the Television Channel Guide

View TV Frequently Asked Questions


Collaboration Stations

Collaboration stations are specially-designed work areas in designated halls where students collaborate on projects using multimedia. Each collaboration station has a table with power outlets and adapters connected to a large, flat screen television, allowing users to display the content of their multimedia device. Collaboration stations are available in: Ames Suites, Crabtree, Grimm, Hathorn, Johnson and Stratton.

Cooking Facilities

Kitchen and cooking facilities are in each residence hall and include a stove top, oven and microwave.


Elevators are available in Ames Suites, Crabtree, Hathorn, Johnson and South Fork Suites. If an elevator is not working, please contact Residence Life staff immediately.

Fire Pits

Residence Life has two fire pits available for student use. One is located between Jesse H. Ames Suites and Crabtree Hall. The second is located in front of the Ann Lydecker Living Learning Center. Contact the Department of Residence Life for more information. 

Front Desk

The front desk in each hall is staffed from 4:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily. It's the central welcoming point for each hall where students can check-out pots and pans, outdoor recreational equipment, pool table equipment, movies, and games.

View check-out items


Each residence hall room is furnished with a loftable bed, a dresser, study desk, and desk chair for each student living in the space. A microwave/mini-fridge is also in each room for roommates to share (excluding Prucha). Students are not permitted to bring additional refrigerators/freezers or microwaves.

ID Cards and Residence Hall Access

Each student is provided with a UW-River Falls student ID card which is used to access the residence halls. On-campus students visiting other residence halls can use their ID to gain access 3:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. Students should carry their IDs while on campus and never lend them to other individuals. If a student’s ID gets lost, stolen, or damaged they should contact the Division of Technology Services (715-425-3687) or visit them in 160 Davee Library as soon as possible to deactivate the card and get a new one.


All residence halls are WiFi enabled only. Information about how to connect to the campus internet is available from the Service Catalog on the Department of Technology Services (DoTS) website.

Isolation Meal Box

Isolation Meal Boxes are available to on-campus students enrolled in a meal plan. An Isolation Meal Box is a box of food and beverage items intended to provide the equivalent of three meals of food and beverage to an individual with flu-like symptoms. For each Isolation Meal Box Request Form submitted, Dinning Services will provide one delivery per person, per day. Three meals will be deducted from your meal plan; one for breakfast, one for lunch, and one for dinner. On the weekends, two meals will be deducted, one for brunch and one for dinner. To make a request for an Isolation Meal Box, please visit the Dining Services webpage.


Laundry facilities are located in each hall. These facilities are either located in the basement or in individual communities depending on the building. Laundry machines are free to residence hall students. Each student will need to provide their own detergent and dryer sheets. It is recommended that students use detergent pods as they work best in our high efficiency machines. With the Laundry View application students can also utilize their computer, tablet or smart phone to determine when a machine is available or when their laundry is done. More information can be found at the Laundry View webpage:

Light Bulbs

If a light bulb in a student’s room burns out they can either inform their RA or put a note on their custodian’s door. A custodian will replace the light as soon as they can.

Lost and Found

If students believe that they have lost any items they can check with the front desk of their community, the University Center information desk or contact University Police to see if the item has been turned in to the campus lost and found.


If a resident is temporarily locked out of their room (e.g. key is inside locked room) the resident should look for an RA who would be able to let them into their room (any RA in the building can assist the resident). During the day if no RA's are available at the time, the resident should call the Department of Residence Life for assistance. Custodians and maintenance staff cannot allow a student back into their room.

Lost Keys

When a student loses their room key, they must go to the Department of Residence Life (B3 Hathorn Hall) to request a lock change and a new key. When the lock is re-keyed, the locksmith will provide a new room key to residents who are present. Students who are not present when the lock is change can receive their new key from their hall staff. There is a $40 charge to replace a lost or stolen key (South Fork Suites: $40 bedroom, $55 suite door, $75 for both). 

Mail / Packages

Students have secure mailboxes in their residence hall they can access with their room key. Mail service is delivered to front desks Monday through Saturday. When packages are delivered to the hall, students will receive a slip in their mailbox and then may pick up their package at the front desk. Students will need this slip and their UW-River Falls ID to retrieve their package. Packages can be retrieved while the desk is open each day. Students should inform friends and family to not send cash and to certify anything of value with the Post Office. Mail that cannot be identified by or delivered to desk staff due to an incomplete address will be forwarded to the Department of Residence Life for processing. If a package requires a signature at the time of delivery, it may be delivered to the Department of Residence Life. If the Department of Residence Life receives a package for a student in the residence halls, they will send an email to that student with instructions for picking up their package. The student’s name must be written clearly on any mail along with their correct hall and room number.

Mail Forwarding

For six months, only first class mail that UW-River Falls receives for a student will be forwarded to the MAILING address that the student has provided in eSIS. If this address is not correct, it is the student’s responsibility to change their mailing address(es) here: Prior to leaving the residence hall for the summer break, students should update their mailing addresses to ensure they get their mail.


Mattresses are provided as part of the furnishings and measure 80” X 36”, 8” thick. Twin extra-long sheets are recommend for their use.

Micro-fridge Units

Micro-fridge units are provided in most residence hall rooms. The Micro-fridge units have a 5.6 cubic foot refrigerator component and a 0.9 cubic foot microwave (850 watts). The shelf in the door is large enough to accommodate half-gallon or 2-liter containers. The unit also includes a charging station so students can easily and safely re-charge their cell phones or other electronic devices. Micro-fridge units are not provided in the George R. Field South Fork Suites, where each suite's kitchenette includes a full-size refrigerator and microwave.


On-campus parking information, including information about parking lots near the residence halls, is available from the Parking Office

Repair and Maintenance

Student assistance in reporting maintenance or custodial conditions in our residence halls is essential. If students have concerns regarding maintenance or custodial conditions they should report them to their Custodian, RA or HD. If a student cannot locate a staff member they should report the issue on the form located on the Custodian closet door located on their wing/floor.

Room Design

Please visit our Room Design web page for more information about residence hall rooms.

Trash / Recycling

Students are responsible for removing the trash and recycling from their rooms on a regularly basis to maintain the cleanliness of our buildings. Trash and recycling should be placed in the large receptacle located outside of each residence hall.

Vending Machines

Vending Machines are located within each residence hall. They accept cash and credit cards. Students who experience any issue with the vending machine will need to contact the number located on the machine to address their concerns. Students can also work through vending machine issues or refunds at the University Center’s information desk.