Summer Housing

NOTE: April 1, 2015 begins hall sign-up for Summer 2015 (Information Coming)

Summer 2014 Hall

The designated Summer 2015 hall will be announced here.


Eligibility for Summer Housing

To be eligible to live in the Summer Hall, you must meet one of these criteria for the entire duration of your stay:

  • Working for UWRF
  • Taking summer classes on-campus (taking online classes only does not count)
  • Participating in a UWRF internship for credit
  • Conducting academic research for credit


Request a Summer 2014 Room (ends August 8th)

Full-time UWRF Students during Academic Year (Opens April 1)
(For students taking classes during the regular Fall/Spring academic year, request a summer room).

Summer-only UWRF students (Opens April 1)
(For students only taking classes during Summer Session, and not taking classes during the Fall/Spring academic year. You will have the option of requesting bed linen (additional cost, see "Room Rates" below)).


Early Arrival for Fall 2014

If you are seeking summer housing to arrive early, prior to the designated Fall 2014 move-in days, visit:

Early Arrival Request Page (Opens July 1st)


Summer Live On-Campus Information

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Room Rates


Spring 2014 students and students enrolled in classes for Fall 2014:

Summer rates below are based on a minimum stay of 1 week, Sunday through Saturday, at a weekly rate regardless of the number of days you stay.

  • Double Room: $15/night/person (Two beds, two residents)
  • Single Room: $19/night

Individuals ONLY enrolled in summer classes (are not currently enrolled in Spring 2014 or in Fall 2014 courses):

  • $25/night/person = Double room with linen * (two beds, two residents)
  • $20/night/person = Double room without linen (two beds, two residents)
  • $30/night = Single room  with linen * (two beds, one resident)
  • $25/night = Single room  without linen (two beds, one resident)

* Linen includes: 2 sheets, bedspread, pillow, pillowcase, washcloth, towel, soap.

Summer Check In/Out Dates

Summer 2014 Hall Check-in/Out

Note: If your summer classes do not fit within the below listed session timeframes. Your check-in/out will be handled on an individual basis.

Sunday, May 18, 2014, 3pm - 6pm: Move-in for Summer Hall:
ONLY for UWRF summer student workers starting work immediately, and for students enrolled for summer course credit between May 18 and May 25.

  • Students currently living on-campus for Spring 2014 and moving-into the summer hall (Crabtree Hall) on Sunday, May 18 will remain in their hall/room overnight on Saturday, May 17th, then will check-into the summer hall on Sunday between the hours of 3pm and 6pm.
  • Sun, May 18, 2013, 7am-2pm: Campus power outage.

Summer Session 1:
Room Check-in: Sun, May 25, Noon-3pm | Check-out: Sun, June 15, by 5pm

Summer Session 2:
Room Check-in: Sun, June 15, Noon-3pm | Check-out: Sun, July 6, by 5pm

Summer Session 3:
Room Check-in: Sun, July 6, Noon-3pm | Check-out: Sun, July 27, by 5pm

Summer Session 4:
Room Check-in: Sun, July 27, Noon-3pm | Check-out: Fri, Aug 8, by 5pm (Check-into Fall 14 room for remainder of session)

Friday, August 8: Move-out date for all summer sessions:
Move-out for residents who have not signed a housing contract to live on campus for Fall 2014. Residents who have signed a contract to live on campus for Fall 2014 will move to their assigned Fall room if it is available.

Summer Session 5:
To reside on-campus for this session, you must have a signed contract for UWRF Housing Fall 2014 - Spring 2015 (see details below).
Check-in: Sun, Aug 18, Noon-3pm

  • Only Summer Session 5 students living on-campus for Fall 2014: You will move into your Fall room/hall assignment, if that room/hall is available. If your space is not available due to summer projects/groups, you will reside in your summer room until your fall room becomes available (special instructions will be sent to you from Res Life regarding when you will move).

Important Summer Dates

Sat, May 17 - Mon, June 2: Hot water unavailable, as the campus boiler will be shut down for maintenance.

Sun, May 18, 7am-2pm: Scheduled power outage.

Students Working Full Time On Campus

Supervisor Approval: For you to live on-campus, you must either be a student worker and/or be taking classes for the entire duration of your stay. It is required that your work supervisor email reslife@uwrf.edumail to verify your summer work status and dates of employment.

Check-In: Full time student workers starting on-campus work immediately after commencement may move to the summer hall on Sunday, May 18, 2014, 3:00pm - 6:00pm. If not starting immediately, you can check-in during the listed summer session check-in dates listed above.

Terms and Conditions/Contract


All Residence Life policies are in effect for the Summer Sessions. Please review these policies, as you are expected to know and abide by them.

Check-in Times for Summer Session will be from 12:00pm to 3:00pm on the Sunday of the week the class starts.

Check-out Times for Summer Session will be the Saturday/Sunday of the week the session ends. You must be checked-out by 5:00pm.

To reside in the Summer Hall after Friday, August 8, you must have a signed Housing Fall 2014-Spring 2015 contract.

- Summer session students living off-campus for Fall 2014: you must move out of your summer hall room on Friday, August 8.

- Summer session students living on-campus for Fall 2014: will move to their fall assignment on Friday, August 8, 2014, if that room is available. If your space is not available due to summer projects/groups, you will receive special instructions from Res Life on when you will move.

Summer Parking

Visit the Summer Parking web page for further information.