Room Sign Up FAQs

2014-15 will be an exciting year on campus at UW-River Falls!  New options for next year include mixed-gender suites and the opportunity to be part of our new Global Living Community in Crabtree Hall.  We look forward to another year of living, learning and discovering the possibilities with you!

We hope that this page will be helpful as you are signing up for housing for next year.  If you have questions that aren't answered here, please e-mail us (reslife@uwrf.edumail).

How do I actually sign up for a room?

The actual sign-up process is done through your housing contract.  This means you'll be logging into the housing contract portal, just like you did when you initially signed your contract.  However, during active sign-up phases, there will be additional steps available in the contract. 

Step-by-step instructions with screenshots will be emailed to you before each phase for which you are eligible.  Red boxes and arrows will show you where to click and what you need to do.  Some steps will be the same for all phases, but there are a few steps that will be unique depending on the specific sign-up phase.  Each set of instructions will begin with the web link to the housing contract portal, and will take you through the entire process.


  • Hathorn Hall
    • Different Room:  Sign-up instructions
    • Open Room (any on-campus student):  Sign-up instructions
  • Crabtree Hall (Global Living Community:  Sign-up instructions
  • All Halls (except SFS and Ames)
    • Same Room, Same Hall: Sign-up instructions
    • Redirected Students:  Sign-up instructions
    • Different Room, Same Hall:  Sign-up instructions
    • Any Hall / Room Swap:  Sign-up instructions
  • Off-Campus Students:  Sign-up instructions

We'll continue to update this page as instructions for each phase are available.  If your specific phase is not yet available, you can reference instructions for other phases to get an idea of what you'll see when you log into your contract to sign up.

I'm doing study abroad next year.  How do I sign up for housing?

If you are studying abroad, please refer to our web page for study abroad students for further information.


Can I keep my current room?

It depends on where you are living.  Students currently living in the following communities are not able to return to their room for the Fall semester:

  • Johnson Hall:  This hall is only for first-year students.  Current residents of Johnson hall should sign up during one of the "Open" or "Any" sign-up times.
  • First Year or Learning Community Wings: These are only for first-year students.  Students living in these communities will receive an email letting them know they cannot return to their current room and should sign up during one of the "Open" or "Any" sign-up times.
  • Jesse H. Ames Suites:  This hall is only for second-year sophomore students.  Current residents of Ames should sign up during one of the "Open" or "Any" sign-up times.
  • Redirected Students:  These rooms are being changed for programmatic reasons.  Redirected students will receive an email notifying them that they will not be able to return to their current room.  These students should sign up during the "Redirected Students" or "Any" sign-up times.

If you are not in one of the above groups, and want to return to your same room, look for the "Same Room" sign-up phase (Hathorn residents, please note that there is a separate sign-up stage for your hall).

I live off campus.  When can I sign up for an on-campus room?

During the Any Hall Sign-up phase:  March 21, 8 a.m. through May 17, 11 p.m.

Single Rooms

I have a single room now, do I get to keep it?

We anticipate that all rooms with two beds will be full for Fall 2014, so you are not able to reserve your room as a single.  If no other current student signs up to room with you, we will assign an incoming student as your roommate.

You can e-mail reslife@uwrf.edumail and request to be added to the single room waitlist.  After the start of the semester, if there are available open rooms, we will offer these rooms to students on the single room waitlist, in the order in which they submitted their request.  Please note that single rooms do cost approximately $500 more per semester.

If I sign up for a room by myself, can I keep it as a single?

No.  Another current student may sign up for the other bed in your room, or we may assign an incoming student to that bed. 

You can send an e-mail to reslife@uwrf.edumail to request to be added to the single room waitlist.  We cannot guarantee that a single room will be available for you, and there is an additional cost of approximately $500 per semester for living in a single room.


How do I get my desired roommate?

If you have a roommate in mind, then you will need to find and mutually accept each other within your 2014-15 housing contract.  Do this before your sign-up phase.  If a bed is empty in the room that you choose, you will be able to bring them into that room with you.  Your roommate must meet any eligibility requirements for that specific hall. 

IMPORTANT:  Bringing in your roommate is a second step.  On the same page where you choose your bed, you must also assign your mutually-requested roommate to the other bed in your chosen room.  Your roommate is not brought in automatically.

If you do not receive your desired roommate because no rooms with two beds are available, sign up for beds in different rooms, then e-mail reslife@uwrf.edumail to let us know that you want to be roomed together.  We will try to accommodate your request to be moved together, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so.

Why can't I find my desired roommate in the contract?

Please see our Why Can't I Find My Roommate?document instructions.

Jesse H. Ames Suites

What are the requirements to live in Ames?

By move-in day:

  • Have 2 fall/spring semesters of college (completed after high school graduation) and 24-59.9 cumulative credits
  • OR - Sophomore standing (30-59.9 cumulative credits)

How do I get added to the waitlist for Ames?

You must have a signed 2014-15 housing contract.

Starting on Feb 7, 2014 send an e-mail to reslife@uwrf.edumail requesting to be placed on the Ames waitlist.  Ames-eligible students will be moved into available rooms based on the order in which they submitted their request to be added to the waitlist. 

Which rooms in Ames are singles?

1st Floor: 153, 159, 173
2nd Floor: 246, 253, 273, 293
3rd Floor: 346, 353, 373, 393
4th Floor: 446, 453, 473, 493

Sign-up for single rooms is on a first-come, first-served basis. Single rooms cost approximately $500 more per semester than standard double rooms.

George R. Fields South Fork Suites

What are the requirements to live in South Fork Suites?

By move-in date

  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • OR, completed at least 4 part-time or full-time fall/spring semesters at a college (after high school graduation)

How do I get added to the waitlist for South Fork Suites?

You must have a signed 2014-15 housing contract.

Send an e-mail to requesting to be placed on the South Fork Suites waitlist. South Fork Suites-eligible students will be moved into available rooms based on the order in which they submitted their request to be added to the waitlist.

Crabtree Hall:  Global Living Community

I'm currently living in Crabtree.  Can I return to my same room?

Maybe.  There will not be a "Same Room" sign-up phase for Crabtree.  Rooms will be available on a first-come, first-served basis; so if you want to return to your same room you should be sure to log in as soon as that phase begins. Half of every room will be held for an international student.

Can I request a specific roommate for Crabtree?

You are not able to request a specific roommate through the contract; but if you do have a specific international student roommate request (for example, someone who speaks Spanish), you can send that to reslife@uwrf.edumail.  We will try to accommodate your request, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so.

How are roommates assigned for the International Experience Hall?

Each room will have one domestic and one international student.