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Thank you for your interest in leading where you live by joining Hall Council. The information below will help you learn more about Hall Council, the positions available, and how to get involved. If you have any questions, please contact your Hall Council Advisor.


What is Hall Council?


What is Hall Council?

Hall Council is a group of student leaders in a residence hall who represent the community to:

  • foster relationships and inclusion among residents in the hall
  • coordinate fun events and activities in the hall with a budget of $800 - $1,200 
  • allocate and approve funding for hall events and improvements
  • provide leadership development opportunities for students
  • represent and advocate for all residents on campus
  • establish open and honest communication within our residence halls
  • share feedback and recommendations to the Department of Residence Life
  • maintain beneficial academic and social atmospheres in our residence halls

Each Hall Council has four executive board positions elected by the building’s residents during fall elections. The executive board positions are President, Vice President, Administrative Coordinator, and Programming Coordinator.

Any member of a residence hall can join their Hall Council as a Hall Representative to assist with planning and implementing events, gather feedback from community members, and serve on hall committees.

Hall Council positions


Hall Council positions?

Each Hall Council has four elected leadership positions: President, Vice President, Administrative Coordinator, and Programming Coordinator. Any member of a residence hall may serve as a Hall Representative. The Hall Director or Assistant Hall Director serves as the Advisor. Learn more about the position you are interested in below.


  • Plans and leads weekly Hall Council meetings
  • Provides leadership for Executive Board
  • Serves as representative at weekly Residence Hall Association meetings
  • Upholds Hall Council constitution and positive representation of hall
  • Meets regularly with advisor, executive board, and other key members

Vice President

  • Assumes responsibilities of President in their absence
  • Official voice and representative at weekly Residence Hall Association meetings
  • Solicits feedback, drafts, and presents legislation for residence hall
  • Coordinates public relations and publicity for Hall Council

Administrative Coordinator

  • Records and distributes meeting minutes for Hall Council meetings
  • Manages the Hall Council budget and all financial records
  • Tracks all membership, attendance, and hall records
  • Coordinates all communication sent to residence hall on behalf of Hall Council

Programming Coordinator

  • Oversees planning, supply ordering, and facilitating hall programs
  • Leads programming committee members to implement hall events and activities
  • Keeps records, photos, and files of all programs

Hall Representative
(open to all residents who want to be involved in Hall Council)

  • Serves as a general member on Hall Council and attends weekly Hall Council meetings
  • Assists in planning and implementing Hall Council programs and initiatives
  • Provides feedback, ideas, and concerns from residents of the building

Dining Services Advisory Committee Member*
(elected in fall election)

  • Serves as a Hall Representative and attends weekly Hall Council meetings
  • Acts as official voice of residence hall to Dining Services
  • Attends monthly Dining Services Advisory Committee Meetings
  • Gathers feedback monthly and provides ideas and concerns from residents

* Elected position but does not serve on Executive Board.

Election Timeline for Fall 2018


Election Timeline for Fall 2018

  • Applications Open: Monday, August 20 - Sunday, September 9 at 11:59pm
  • Hall Socials:
    - Tuesday, September 4 at 7:30pm in each hall
  • Campaigning: Monday, September 10 – Wednesday, September 12 
  • Elections: Thursday, September 13 – 7:00am-11:59pm
  • Election Results Announced: Friday, September 14
  • First Hall Council Meeting: September 17-21
  • First Residence Hall Association Meeting: Thursday, September 20 at 6:30pm
    Leadership Training Night

Questions? Contact your Hall Council Advisor:

Crabtree - Liz Brunner

Parker - Sean Leek

Grimm - Nick Lauer

McMillan - Grace Riggert

Ames/South Fork - Sam Witak

Hathorn - Nic Steilen

May - Jessica Reagan

Stratton - Logan Hermes

Johnson - Howard McKee

Prucha - Mitchell Hein


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