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Online Learner Exemption


Spring 2021 Online Learner Exemption Request


New or Incoming Transfer Students Starting in Spring 2021

  • We are no longer accepting requests from current UWRF students. 


You must be registered for Spring Classes before you submit this request.

  • DEADLINE for New and incoming transfer students: Forms must be emailed/postmarked by 4:30pm on January 25, 2021


The Online Learner Exemption Request is for any student who meets all of the following criteria:

  • Is a New or Incoming Transfer Student admitted to start at UWRF in Spring 2021
  • Registered for 4 or fewer credits of classes which have all or part face-to-face instruction;
    • HYBRID CLASSES: Credits for Hybrid classes count towards the 4 credit maximum unless student provides documentation confirming they are able to complete the course completely online.  
  • Will live with a parent/legal guardian.


What documentation is needed to show that hybrid classes can be completed online?

  • Screenshot of class notes in eSIS (if the class notes specify that class can be completed all online), OR
  • An email from the instructor


Note:  New and Incoming transfer students who are age 21 or older, or who have graduated from high school in January 2019 or earlier- are not required to live on campus so they do not need to request an exemption request. 


Residence Life will review the requests in the order they are received, and a response will be emailed to student’s UWRF email within 7-10 business days.

Spring 2021 Online Learner Exemption Request Form >


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