Meet the Staff

Central Office Staff

Karla Thoennes
Karla Thoennes
Director of Residence Life

Kenneth White
Kenney White
Assistant Director of Residence Life - Residence Education

Julie Phelps
Assistant Director of Residence Life – Facilities and Business Operations

Erik Heller
Erik Heller
Residence Life Coordinator

Jackie Bennett
Jackie Bennett
Building Superintendent

Matt Fitzgerald
Matt Fitzgerald
IS Comprehensive Services Specialist

Cori Fosmo
Cori Fosmo
University Services Program Associate

Stephanie Shipp
Stephanie Shipp
University Services Program Associate

No hall/room move requests will be accepted after December 1, 2017.

Students requesting to change their hall/room must contact their Hall Director (HD) and follow their instructions. All students affected by the room change must agree to the change.

Options for Moving (If your request is approved)

  1. Move as soon as the space you are moving into is available, or
  2. Move on December 22 between 10am and Noon, or
  3. Take all of your belongings home during break (this means you would check out of your current room before you leave, then move into your new room after the break).

Approval to move will be rescinded if:

  • You do not complete your move before Noon on December 22, or
  • You do not check out of your current room before leaving campus for break.

Room moves will not be done during the winter break. After the spring semester room freeze is lifted during spring semester, students will be able to work with their Hall Directors in regards to room move requests.

Samantha Latham
Sam Witak, Hall Director
Ames Suites, South Fork Suites

Liz Brunner
Liz Brunner, Hall Director
Crabtree Hall

Nick Lauer
Nick Lauer, Hall Director
Grimm Hall, McMillan Hall

Nicolas Steilen
Nic Steilen, Hall Director
Hathorn Hall

Mitchell Hein
Mitchell Hein, Hall Director
Johnson Hall, Prucha Hall

Jessica Reagan
Jessica Reagan, Hall Director
May Hall, Stratton Hall

Suzie Chang
Suzie Chang, Hall Director
Parker Hall


Assistant Hall Director Staff

Howard McKee
Howard McKee
Assistant Hall Director
Ames Suites and South Fork Suites

Grace Riggert
Grace Riggert
Assistant Hall Director
Grimm and McMillan Halls

Logan Hermes
Logan Hermes
Assistant Hall Director
May and Stratton Halls

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