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Campus Facility Use

Please let us know if you will need a room setup in a different configuration than what is standard. Our customers are not allowed to move furniture in the University Center for human safety and preservation of equipment reasons. If the furniture is moved for your event, labor fees will be applied to your reservation.

Policies Handbook

Pricing Categories

How to determine which category your potential event would be processed for invoicing purposes:

Category 1 – No or Low Charge: 

Events sponsored as part of a department or Recognized Student Organization's mission to the University for on-campus participants.  
There will be no overhead charge or rental fees, and no contract of agreement in GPR spaces. (There would be fees charged if using PR spaces where the majority of the participants are coming from off-campus).  Such programs must be deemed as being fully covered by the University Self Insurance program for liability purposes by the UWRF Risk Management Officer.  These events shall be hosted and coordinated by the University department sponsoring them.  All revenues are deposited into University account(s).  If fees are charged, they are designed to cover the direct cost of the program only.  The publicity is initiated by the respective university organization or department. All contact information is through the respective university Recognized Student Organization or University department.

Category 2 - Overhead Charge: 

In GPR or PR spaces, a contract and overhead charge will be assessed for events not directly associated with a department's mission and primary responsibilities. 
Events that involve off campus groups or participants may have an affiliation with a University department and may possibly be covered by the UWS self insurance program; however the event may fall outside specific job responsibilities or involve the generation of dollars.  Such events may involve collaboration with an organization outside of the UW or involve significant numbers of participants other than UW-RF students & staff.  A fee may be charged to participants with the fees being deposited into University account(s). Fees charged may be in excess of the direct cost of the specific program.  The department or organization hosting the event will initiate the publicity and act as the contact for the event. The contract issued by the Conference and Event Services office shall spell out all legal and insurance arrangements as well as a list of services provided. The overhead charge will be based on a square footage basis. The sponsoring University department may provide all services involved with hosting and coordinating the event on campus.  This may include making room reservations, detail the room set-up needs, food service arrangements, audio visual needs, parking-custodial-security arrangements, signage, registration, and communication with the University Community.  If the University department desires to use the services of the Conference and Event Services office to coordinate the event, it may do so at an additional cost to the off-campus group for services rendered.  The Conference and Event Services office shall invoice the off-campus organization and make deposits in the appropriate University accounts.   

Category 4 - Rent and Overhead Charge: 

If the off-campus group is not affiliated with a University department, they shall be sponsored by the Conference Services Office. 
This office will execute a contract and make all necessary arrangements to host the group.  Fees shall include contract administration, overhead, and services rendered for hosting the event. 

Note: Category 3 is an internal designation used for calculating the fees payable by the Conference and Event Services office to the PR funded spaces on campus.  This is for internal calculations only.

Showing a Film

Public performance rights are the legal rights held by distributors or producers over the showing of a film outside of one's home. The rights-holder can grant others the temporary right to show the film by selling them or granting them a public performance license. Your space reservation will be held as tentative and will not be confirmed until we receive proof that you have obtained the "rights" to show the film publicly at least 72 hours prior to your booking. View more information about public performance licensing here.