Outdoor Installation Use Terms

Outdoor Space Terms and Conditions

The following items are agreed to by a group sponsoring a bonfire, or related event at an outside facility on the grounds at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls:

  1. You will ensure that the area (and restrooms if necessary) are reserved with the Campus Reservations office. 

  2. Your group will be held financially responsible for any damage.

  3. No vehicle(s) are allowed on the grass area near the Amphitheatre. (Any equipment necessary will be carried or carted from the service road to the Amphitheatre).

  4. If you require additional trash containers, trash bags, tables, or chairs, you will contact the Grounds Maintenance Supervisor at 715-425-3827 a minimum of seven business days prior to the event. A filled out work order will include the account number to be charged for services, as well as when and where to deliver the items and when they are to be picked up.

  5. If you are setting up a tent you will contact Facilities Management to ensure that the tent site is swept and marked for underground wires.

  6. All equipment from Facilities Management will be delivered to a general area. Your group is responsible for their own equipment set-up and tear-down.

  7. If food is being served, cooking equipment such as pig roasters, charcoal grills or LP gas grills will be placed on top of a concrete surface with an absorbent material such as sand or cat litter under it to catch any grease. This absorbent material will be cleaned up by your group at the end of the event and disposed of in an ecologically correct manner. (Your group may be roasting marshmallows and possibly bring your own juice/soda).

  8. You will have a fire extinguisher available in case of an emergency. Please use a CO2 extinguisher where fire is involved. You will check out the CO2 fire extinguisher at the University Center Information Desk.

  9. You will exercise proper safety measures to ensure the safety of all participants. Your group must provide a student security staff (no less than 1 person for every 30 participants) who is available and identifiable (special shirts or ID tags) to provide security and supervision and to help mediate potential problems.

  10. There will be no alcohol. No beer, wine, alcohol or controlled substances are to be brought onto university grounds. If these items do appear at this event, your designated security persons are to confiscate and dispose of them. If there is not a UWRF Police Officer present at your event, and should the program participants become unruly, or should you require other security assistance, please contact University Police at 715-425-3133.

  11. You will comply with any requests to lower music volume per the 9 p.m. City of River Falls noise ordinance. You will end the event should noise complaints or other concerns, safety or otherwise be raised.

  12. If you are using the amphitheatre fire pit, you will rake a 10' circle around the fire pit to remove any debris (leaves, grass, wood chips). You will NOT use gasoline or any other highly combustible liquid to start the fire. Use newspaper and kindling only. No gathering of twigs or sticks or firewood is allowed anywhere on university grounds. You will bring bundled firewood from a reliable wood source. (Some convenience stores/gas stations sell bundled firewood in the area.)

  13. If using the UC fire pit, please refer to the "UC Fire Pit Procedures" document.

  14. You will ensure that the bonfire is not too big to pose a danger. No more than 3-5 fireplace size logs are allowed on the fire at one time.

  15. At the end of your event, you will ensure that the bonfire is completely extinguished. (You may check out the water bucket from the University Center Information Desk for this purpose.) Pour water onto fire and stir the ashes with a non-combustible pole.

  16. You will clean up the event site immediately following the event, and ensure the return of all equipment within 24 hours after the event.

  17. Do you have a rain site? If you do not have a reserved rain site, and inclement weather is evident, the event will be canceled.

  18. If there is a burning ban in place, there will be no fire allowed.



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