Group of students posing for group photo while on camping trip

 Meet the Falcon Outdoor Adventures staff! Drop in sometime, we'd be happy to help you!





  1. Hometown: Arden Hills, MN
  2. Major/Minor: Marketing Communications
  3. Best part of working for FOA?  The staff has a sense of humor and working outdoors
  4. Hobbies/special interests? Travel, Skydiving, Rock Climbing, Scuba Diving
  5. Surprising fact about you? I can quote the movie Pirates of the Caribbean word for word
  6. Favorite T.V. show? The Walking Dead/ Game of Thrones/ Southpark
  7. I really wish I had the chance to meet....? Bill Cosby
  8. Dream Vacation/trip/etc.? New Zealand 
  9. Dream job? Cameraman for Nat Geo Wild



  1. Hometown: Lakeville, MN
  2. Major: Animal Science with Equine Emphasis Minor: Sustainable Agriculture
  3. Best part of working for FOA? Getting to go on awesome trips. Also, I love all my coworkers, we always have a ton of fun together.
  4. Hobbies/special interests? Horseback riding, rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, reading, and listening to obscure local bands
  5. Surprising fact about you? I have 9 pets. Some of the weirder ones include, a pet dove named Peace, a potbelly pig named Hamlet, and a miniature donkey named Amos.
  6. Favorite T.V. show? Back when it was on, House, now I'd have to say New Girl or The Big Bang Theory
  7. I really wish I had the chance to meet....? Temple Grandin. Look her up.
  8. Dream Vacation/trip/etc.?  I've always wanted to go to either Alaska or Spain
  9. Dream job? I would love to have my own hobby farm/ranch someday.



  1. Hometown: Malone, Wisconsin
  2. Major/Minor? Horticulture major, Outdoor Ed minor
  3. Best part of working for FOA?  Introducing others to new outdoor pursuits 
  4. Hobbies/special interests? Nordic Skiing, All things bike, camping/backpacking, anything to be outside
  5. Surprising fact about you? I compete in several marathon and longer distance bike and ski races every year all for fun.
  6. Favorite T.V. show? M.A.S.H.
  7. I really wish I had the chance to meet....? Kikkan Randall 
  8. Dream Vacation/trip/etc.? Backpacking Norway/ Riding the Tour de France Route
  9. Dream job?  Anywhere I'm paid to be outside working with people and plants




  1. Hometown:  Oshkosh, WI
  2. Major/Minor:  Communicative Disorders/ Outdoor Education
  3. Best part of working for FOA? The best part of working for KOA is all the crazy fun I have working with my coworkers. There is never a dull moment.
  4. Hobbies/special interests: I have lots of hobbies from camping, hiking, water sports, to volunteering and just relaxing at home. My favorite hobby is volunteering with the Stillwater Special Olympics team.
  5. Surprising fact about you: I have been to Japan, and I have seen the movie Frozen 4 times.
  6. Favorite T.V. show: Any BBC T.V. Show, specifically Downton Abbey and Sherlock.
  7. I really wish I had the chance to meet....: Eunice Kennedy Shiver, or Eleanor Roosevelt.
  8. Dream Vacation/trip/etc.: Dream vacation would to go to Europe and see my friends over there and then head to South Korea and see my old roommates and friends, then lastly to go to Japan and climb Mount Fuji and see friends and my host family.
  9. Dream job: Dream job would to own my own camp with high ropes course and challenge course for more specifically focusing on kids or adults with and without disabilities. 




  1. Where are you from?: Waunakee, WI
  2. Major/Minor?: Double Major in Horticulture and Spanish
  3. Best Part of working for FOA? Having the opportunity to get out and share outdoor adventures with new students!
  4. Hobbies/Special interests? Outdoor interests: Canoeing/Kayaking.  Whitewater Rafting. Backpacking/camping. Rock Climbing. Getting into SCUBA! Other interests: Plants, naps, COFFEE
  5. Surprising fact about you? I have a fraternal twin sister, Kristina
  6. Favorite TV show? Modern Family
  7. Really wish I had the chance to meet? Miley Cyrus. I would like to know if she is acting or if her face is permanently stuck that way.
  8. Dream Vacation/trip/etc..? Anywhere tropical and away from the world! (Hawai’i would be awesome!)
  9. Dream Job? I want to do tropical plant exploration using my outdoor skills, as well as use plant biotechnology and micropropagation for ecology restoration of native habitats



  1. Hometown? Lino Lakes MN
  2. Major/Minor? Marketing Communications 
  3. Best part of working for FOA? Being able to share my knowledge of the outdoors with others
  4. Hobbies/special interests? I enjoy being active, trying new things, listening to music and numerous other outdoor activities
  5. Surprising fact about you? Sailing is one of my favorite things to do in the summer
  6. Favorite T.V. show? I don’t watch TV that much, but I would have to say Modern Family 
  7. I really wish I had the chance to meet....? Vincent Van Gogh
  8. Dream Vacation/trip/etc.? To go backpacking across Europe
  9. Dream job? Market for concert festivals  


Image of Whitney standing in a redwood tree

  1. Hometown? Lino Lakes, MN
  2. Major/Minor? Teaching English as a second language, Minor: Outdoor Education
  3. Best part of working for FOA?  Learning new activities and how to repair and take care of equipment.
  4. Hobbies/special interests? Biking, reading, kayaking, writing letters, hiking, camping, dreaming and learning.
  5. Surprising fact about you? I lived in Japan for one year where I ate whale, octopus, horse and puffer fish. I also visited a world heritage site and saw Jomon Sugi, a tree over 2,000 years old.
  6. Favorite T.V. show? Game of Thrones and Bob's Burgers
  7. I really wish I had the chance to meet....? Jesus and Buddha
  8. Dream vacation/trip? Exploring Madagascar or any place that remains largely untouched by humans.
  9. Dream job: Anything where I am helping people develop new skills.



photo of student staff, Andy, backpacking

  1. Hometown: Hudson, WI

  2. Major/Minor: Elementary Education , English Language Arts

  3. Best part of working for FOA? Meeting people that have the same interest as myself and learning new outdoor skills

  4. Hobbies/special interests: Backpacking, kayaking, running, reading, and dancing

  5. Surprising fact about you? I can eat any apple – the entire apple – in four bites

  6. Favorite T.V. show? Friends

  7. I really wish I had the chance to meet….? Sir Edmund Hillary

  8. Dream Vacation/trip/etc: Backpack the south island of New Zealand

  9. Dream Job: Professional Backpacker


Student Employee, Chris, with Isle of Skye, Scotland in the background

1. Hometown: Hortonville, WI

2. Major/Minor: Social Work / Outdoor Education

3. Best part of working for FOA? Giving others the opportunity to be active

4. Hobbies/special interests: I enjoy hiking, skiing, mountain biking, hunting, traveling, relaxing by the fire, and spending time with family and friends

5. Surprising fact about you? I have been to eight different countries

6. Favorite T.V. show? The Walking Dead

7. I really wish I had the chance to meet….? John Muir

8. Dream Vacation/trip/etc: Skiing and hiking throughout Switzerland

9. Dream Job: Working as a Clinical Social Worker in a Wilderness Therapy program 

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