Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation Program

Section 16.865, Wis. Stats., authorizes the Department of Administration to coordinate a statewide risk management program. Sub part (4) requires the department to manage the state employes’ worker’s compensation program along with other risk management programs areas, such as property and liability. This schedule only applies to worker’s compensation records. At a future date, liability and property records may be added to cover all facets of the state risk management program.

Section 102.08, Wis. Stats., Worker’s Compensation Act of Wisconsin, provides the Department of Administration has responsibility for providing benefits and performing other functions as an employer under the act for state employes and their dependents.

The worker’s compensation program is self-funded, meaning that an appropriation exists to pay claims [s. 20.865(l)(dm), Wis. Stats.], and state agencies are assessed for claims based on their loss experience.

All claims are managed centrally by DOA, within the Bureau of State Risk Management, except for delegation of certain management functions to the UW System Administration and.Department of Transportation risk management units for their respective employees.

DOA investigates and pays valid claims. DOA’s Dispute Resolution Manger reviews all claims filed for hearings of disputes between an employe and the department. The manager coordinates legal defense of claims with the Attorney General who has the exclusive responsibility of representing the state in administrative and judicial proceedings.