Workers Compensation

Confidentiality of Records

In accordance with s. 102.33 (2)(b), Wis. Stats., records maintained by the state of Wisconsin, in its capacity as the administrator of the state’s worker’s compensation program (s. 102.08, Wis. Stats.), shall be confidential where they reveal the identity of an employe who claims worker’s compensation, the nature of the employe’s claimed injury, the employe’s past or present medical condition, the extent of the employe’s disability, or the amount, type, or duration of benefits paid to the employe. Records that are not privileged may be provided to any party when the employe who is the subject of the record, or an attorney or authorized agent of the employee, provides a written authorization for inspection and copying.

State agencies making use of such confidential records for purposes such as labor management safety committee deliberations shall abide by the above confidentiality requirements and shall take extreme caution in protecting the identity of any employe when disseminating case examples of health and safety problems. Under no circumstances shall any medical notes or records be provided to any party except personnel actively engaged in the administration of employe benefits.

Personally identifiable information: WC records do contain personally identifiable information (such as name, social security number, telephone number, etc., that can be associated with a particular individual through one or more identifiers, other information or circumstances). The information remains confidential. Only the fact that it exists is reported to the Public Records Board, so they can include its existence in their Privacy Registry, in accordance with s. 19.62, Wis. Stats..

For additional information and assistance implementing this general schedule outside of DOT or the UW System contact: Bureau of State Risk Management, 101 East Wilson Street, P.O. Box 7844, Madison WI 53707-7844.

For UW System WC issues contact: Office of Safety and Loss Prevention, 780 Regent Street, Room 13 12, P.O. Box 8010, Madison WI 53708-8010.

For DOT WC issues contact: Risk and Safety Management Section, 4802 Sheboygan Avenue, Room 75 1, P.O. Box 7910, Madison WI 53707-7910.