Part One WIAC

This section only includes records where the official copy lies with WIAC. All campus copies are considered copies and campuses should follow those guidelines for records retention and destruction.


The general correspondence records are used to support the administration of WIAC. They include but are not limited to general correspondence of significance with UW Council of Chancellors, WIAC Executive Committee, the Athletics Directors' Council, the Faculty Athletics Representatives' Council and the individual sport committees.

Retention Time Period
Original: Retain for ten years and then transfer to UW Madison Archives for review of archival value.


The commissioner prepares an annual budget for the conference office that is reviewed by the athletic directors and faculty athletic representatives with the ultimate authority for approval residing with the Council of Chancellors. Payment invoices and purchase orders are also processed in accordance with UW System requirements.5

Retention Time Period
Original: PERMANENT. Invoices sent to the UW System Financial Administration.Copies: Destroy when no longer needed


These records include meeting minutes, agendas and distribution materials pertaining to regular or special meetings (including telephone conference calls) of the governance and administration of WIAC. They include meetings with Council of Chancellors, WIAC Executive Committee, the Athletic Directors' Council, the Faculty Athletic Representatives' Council, and each individual sport committee.

Retention Time Period
Original: Retain for ten 10 years and then transfer to UW Madison Archives for archival review.


The conference office prepares a monthly report entitled "Did you Hear the Latest" for purposes of informing the Board of Regents, Senior-Level UW System Administration, Council of Chancellors and various other constituencies of the major accomplishments and activities within the conference for the previous month.

Retention Time Period
Original: Retain for ten years and then transfer to UW Madison Archives for archival review.


The WIAC publishes an annual Directory and Records Book with copies distributed to each WIAC institution, members of the statewide media as well as other affected/interested groups and individuals. It includes contact information for the conference office and each member institution and a summary of the prior academic year and historical information (e.g., all-time records, statistics) for all WIAC championship sports.6

Retention Time Period


News releases are created on different formats to generate news stories or features about WIAC, special events, Conference Championships, honors to member schools and awards to individual athletes.

Retention Time Period
Original: Retain for ten years and then transfer to UW Madison Archives for archival review.
Copies: Destroy when no longer needed.


The website provides general information about WIAC administration, participating schools, sanctioned sports and corporate partners. The website also includes current information on Conference activities, annual schedules for each school, current standings in individual schools and championship events.

Retention Time Period
Original: Destroy webpages and electronically-stored supporting data when no longer needed.


The WIAC Eligibility Certificate is a comprehensive record that each school must complete and submit to the conference office for each sport prior to the first permissible contest against outside competition in that sport. Comparable to an academic transcript, the certificate requires specific information on each student-athlete's eligibility status (e.g., credit hours enrolled, earned and current GPA). The certificate must be signed by the school's athletic director, coach, registrar, and faculty athletic representative to insure eligibility. 7Other supporting documentation pertaining to eligibility is provided by member institutions in addition to the eligibility certificate for selected student-athletes to include the WIAC Transfer Player Eligibility Statement, Athletics Tracer Report, Medical Hardship Request Form and the Petition for Wavier of Conference Eligibility Rules.At the conclusion of each sport season, institutions are also required to file with the conference office a Season of Participation/Competition Form. This form includes the names of each player who participated/competed during the prior season as well as their past participation and competition. The report must be signed by the athletic director and the head coach and is due in the WIAC office within four weeks of the final contest in the sport.

Retention Time Period
Original: Date of last year of eligibility + 10 additional years and thereafter destroy confidentially.
Copies: Destroy when no longer needed.


The WIAC requires its member institutions to report any and all NCAA or WIAC rules violations to the conference office. These reports are filed with the conference via the WIAC Report of Secondary Violation form. The record identifies the institution, when the violation occurred, description of the violation and what steps the school took to correct or to take discipline action if needed. In instances in which the infraction is a violation of NCAA rules, the commissioner forwards the report along with his disposition on the matter to the NCAA Enforcement Staff.

Retention Time Period
Original: Creation + additional 7 years then destroy.
Copies: Destroy when no longer needed.


The Honor Roll record enumerates individual student athletes for their outstanding work in the classroom for each academic year. The student-athlete must maintain a 3.0 GPA or better during the last academic year and compete in at least one athletic contest to be recognized.

Retention Time Period
Original: Creation + additional 3 years and then destroy.