Records Retention Schedule

Records Retention Schedules PDF Versions

Academic Advising (UW) Sunset: 2021

Administrative Records (UW) Sunset: 2022

Budget and Related Records (DOA)

Business Communication (UW) Under Review

Facilities Management (DOA)

Financial Aid  (UW) Sunset: 2022

Fiscal and Accounting (UW) Sunset: 2022

Fleet and Aircraft Management  (DOA)

Health Services   (UW) Sunset: 2024

Human Resources and Related Records (UW) Sunset: 2026

Information Technology (UW) Sunset: 2022

Legal Affairs (UW) Sunset: 2022

Library and Archives UW) - Sunset: 2028

Payroll and Benefit  (UW) Sunset: 2026

Police and Parking Services  (UW) Sunset: 2024

Purchasing and Procurement (DOA)

Research Records (UW) Sunset: 2025

Residential Programs and Services (UW) Sunset: 2020

Risk Management and Related Records (DOA)

Student Affairs Records Retention / Disposition Authorization (UW) Sunset: 2029

Student Records (UW) Sunset: 2022

Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (UW) Sunset: 2019