Purchasing and Procurement

Contracts and Requests for Bids/Proposals


 RDA No: PUR00010

Records Series Title:Contract and Request for Bid / Proposal File 

Series Description:This record series documents the procurement of all commodities and services which may require a contract including piggyback, simplified and best judgment  procurements as well as Requests for Information, and those where the purchase order serves as the single contract. This record series also documents compliance with the requirements of Wis. Stat. §16.705 and state policies for contractual services. 

File documents include standards committee activities such as agendas, minutes, meeting results and correspondence, etc. File documents also include the official Request for Bid/Proposal, record of award, signed contract or agreement, amendments, Certificates of Insurance, price lists, research materials, fair market information, cost analyses, protests, disputes, complaints, warranties, correspondence and related records. In addition, file documents also include forms and related documents associated with notifications and approvals for telecommunications, graphic reproduction equipment, banking services and private guard services.  Refer to PRO-C-5, PRO-C-8 and PRO-C-12 in the State Procurement Manual for additionaldocuments which must be retained in this records series. 

Note: Purchasing records, such as purchase requisitions, interrelate with fiscal and accounting records. Agency purchasing and procurement staff must determine with accounting units which work area is responsible to maintain the official record. Official records are retained under RDA # 90000021 in the Fiscal and Accounting General Records Schedule. If the accounting unit is responsible for the official record, purchasing and procurement staff may choose to keep a reference/convenience copy of such records with the Contract and Request for Bid/Proposal File.  

Note: The following practices are recommended for agency handling of product samples received with vendor bids and proposals:
Product Samples Not Selected: Return losing samples to bidders/vendors at time of award to successful bidder.
Winning Product Samples: Actual samples of products related to successful bids and contracts such as socks, shoes, cloth samples, etc., should be returned to the bidders/vendors. Perishable items such as food or bulky items such as mattresses, appliances or road salt samples should also be sent back to the winning vendor. To the extent practical, retain other winning samples for the life of the contract and then return to the bidder/vendor. In these cases, test results supporting the purchase decision should be retained for the life of the contract.

Note: Product and service warranties follow PUR00010 to retain the official record however a reference copy should be sent to the program area to maintain service or product performance.

Retention Event:End Date of Resulting Contract or Cancellation Date of Contract or Bid/Proposal 

Minimum Retention & Disposition:EVT + 6 years then Destroy Confidential

PII: Yes

Use Case/Notes: Resumes submitted with bids/proposals for services may contain PII such as home addresses, personal telephone numbers, license numbers, etc. 

State agencies retain official record.Note: DOA may also be a state agency.

Confidential:Some information may qualify for Trade Secret protection per Wis. Stat.
§ 19.36(5).
Some information may qualify for other legal protection such as copyright, patent,
trademark or licensing. It is possible some vendors may identify information as confidential that is not actually protected by law. Check with your agency's legal counsel.

Old RDA if Applicable: 90112, 90115, 90124, 90129