Police and Parking

Police and Parking Addendum

285W - UW System Administration

UWPP207: Security Video/Audio Surveillance Records (Amendment)

Video or audio associated with facility related surveillance of persons entering, using, or departing campus buildings or property.

Retention Time Period:

Recordings that document incidents that may lead to claims against the campus.CR+120 days (EVT=Creation; PRB has established a 120-day minimum to meet requirements of Wis. Stat. § 893.80.)

Recordings showing no discernable incidents.CR+1 0 days (EVT=Creation)

Copies: Do not retain duplicates longer than original
Disposition: Destroy
Pll: Yes
Confidential: No

NOTE 1: If a surveillance record is requested for an investigation, a retention of 3 years from the date the investigation is closed is established for the portion of the surveillance copied.

NOTE 2: If a surveillance record is used in the prosecution of a case, the record becomes part of the case file and subject to the retention period for that type of casefile.