Police and Parking

Police and Parking Services

The University of Wisconsin System comprises fifteen distinct institutions, many of which create and receive records that are similar in purpose and utility. In the interest of efficiency, therefore,this records schedule identifies categories of records that are common to all University of Wisconsin institutions, so as to avoid making each institution secure a distinct retention schedule for the same categories of records.

Police authority for the University System is granted to the Board of Regents by Wis. Stat. ch.36.11 (2). All campuses have some form of police and parking services, but the administrative location of those services varies between institutions. Some campus police units are composed of sworn officers, others are mainly security units. The University Colleges contract for police services with their local communities. Some police activities may be shared with local law enforcement agencies. Parking Services are included in this schedule due to their ability to issue citations and tothe fact that they may, on some campuses, be part of Police Services.

II. scope
The record schedules described within this document include the following records:

  • Annual reports / Administrative records
  •  Incident reports / Case files
  • Citations
  • Security files
  • Communications records

It does NOT include personnel records, employee background checks, or financial and budget records for which other UWS general schedules have been established. Consult with your campus records manager for the applicable schedules.

It applies to all police and parking services records, regardless of paper or electronic format.Police and Parking records may contain confidential information. Police and Parking records may contain personally identifiable information (Wis. Stat. ch. 19.62(5)). 

Many police records are now created and/or maintained in an electronic format. Such electronic record-keeping systems must comply with Wis. Admin. Code ch. Adm 12, the University of Wisconsin System Regent Policy Document 3-2 sec. 4.6 on electronic records, and relevant FERPA regulations.


A. Preservation of Historic Records.Historic records are those that must be retained indefinitely because oft heir historical character. Historic records stored only in electronic form must comply with the legal requirements set forth in: Regent Policy Document 3-2: University of Wisconsin System Public Records Management; and Wis. Admin. Code ch. Adm 12: Electronic Records Management-Standards and Requirements. It is expected that Police and Parking Services records will rarely be classified as historic records.

B. Use of the Records Series Approach.The records schedules included within this document were developed using the "records series" approach defined in Wis. Stat. ch. 16.61(2)(c).

C. Destruction Authorization.The records schedules included within this document establish minimum retention periods for each type of record. The disposition of each record is assumed to be destruction after its minimum retention period.

D. Records to be Retained.In accordance with Wisconsin law, records to be retained are those defined as in the Wisconsin Statutes as "public records," that are made or received by any university employee in connection with the transaction of university business. See by Wis. Stat. ch.16.61(2) (b). Public records do not include the following:

1. Duplicates maintained by a university employee only for convenience or reference and for no other substantive purpose.

2. Unsolicited notices or invitations which are not related to any official action taken, proposed, or considered by the University of Wisconsin System.

3. Drafts, notes, preliminary computations and like materials intended for personal use by an individual university employee or prepared by a university employee in the name of the person for whom the employee is working.

4. Routing slips and envelopes.

5. Materials that are purely the personal property of a university employee and have no relation to his or her office.

Records that are not"public records" under the definition maybe destroyed at the discretion of university administrators.

All recommended dispositions provided within this schedule may be carried out by University of Wisconsin administrators - except that records may not be destroyed where required to be retained by law or policy including, but not limited to, a pending public records request, lawsuit, or audit.

Retention periods and recommended disposition are based on Wisconsin Supreme Court rules (SCRchapter 72), the Department of Administration "General Schedule for County Governments", and Public Records Board approved retention schedules for police services submitted previously by individual University of Wisconsin system campuses.

While many Parking and Police Services records are open under Open Records laws, they are normally handled in a confidential manner. This schedule endeavors to insure that they are disposed of in an equally confidential manner.