Payroll and Benefits


Wisconsin Retirement System Files and Reports

Electronic data file is created after each payroll is processed that includes data for each employee,including the employment category, earnings, hours worked and data necessary for monthly and annual WRS reporting.Other HRS reports (interfaces) that are governed by this record series include: Annual Detail Report and Cover Sheet, WRS Earnings/Hours Report, Half Time Compliance Report

HRS: CR + 15 years.
Campus Copies: NA
Destroy Confidentially.

Employee Payroll Case File Records

series includes various documents that are maintained in the institution Payroll office and regularly superseded by updated documents during the employee's term of employment in the institution.

Items in both series include the following items:Withholding Agreements: Forms filed by employees authorizing withholding of income from paychecks. Records in this series include required withholding agreements, notifying the employer (State) of federal and State income tax withholding allowances; tax sheltered annuity,deferred compensation and savings bond authorizations; and various other voluntary authorizations.Records in this series are used to document withholding agreements and authorizations for each employee.

Series includes but is not limited to the following agreements/forms:

  • Tax Withholding Forms such as: IRS 1001, IRS 8233, W4, Earned Income Credit, WT-4 State Withholding Allowances
  • Other Withholding (For a detailed list please consult index.)
  •  Accidental Death & Dismemberment Application
  • Dental Insurance Application
  • Direct Deposit Authorization
  • Employee Reimbursement Account Enrollment Form
  • Savings Bond Deduction Authorization
  • Tax Sheltered Annuity Authorization
  • Miscellaneous Dues and Deduction Authorization Cards

HRS: EVT + 50 years.
Event = (Resolved, verified, superseded or between 1-6 pay periods)
Campus Copies: Retain Event
Destroy Confidentially.

TSA (Tax Sheltered Annuity) Reports and Transfers (Interfaces)

File transfers (interfaces) to TSA providers with employee deposits to TSA programs. This series includes HRS TSA Deduction Report. Current interfaces include: (TSA Ameriprise, TSA Dreyfus, Wisconsin Deferred Camp, TSA Fidelity, TSA TRowePrice), Tax Shelter Annuity Annual Report

HRS: CR + 7 years Campus
Copies: NA
Destroy Confidentially. Pit/Confidential

Benefit Audit/Error/Reference Reports

Routine reports run to verify HRS table settings, notify institutions of routine updates, etc. Series includes the following HRS record items: Flexible Spending Acct Table (JIRA #6970), Flat Rate Table Information (JIRA # 6971), Disability Plan Table (JIRA #6972), Billing History Report (JIRA # 6965},Employee Enrollments, Charges, Credits (JIRA #6967), Benefit Contribution Report (JIRA #6961), ABBR Changes (JIRA 6893), Health Plan Participants Report (JIRA 6959), Participant Location Report (JIRA#6947), Eligible Participant Reports (JIRA #6945), Enrollment Event Triggered Listing (JIRA #6922},Event Rules Billing (JIRA #6957), Undeliverable Email Report (JIRA #6915}, Deduction Exception Report(JIRA #6921), Missing Employee I Dependent Data Report (JIRA # 6919), Enrollment Code Error Report(JIRA # 6923, Individual and Family Life Audit Report (JIRA#6937), WRS Earnings Report-Federal Cap(JIRA# 6036), Concurrent Employment Audit Report (JIRA #6935), Benefit Eligibility Intention Report(JIRA #6933), Age 70 Report (JIRA #6930), Accidental Death Audit Report (JIRA # 6929), Termination Date-Coverage Report (JIRA #6904), Spouse Family Double Coverage Report (JIRA #6940),Insurance/Provider Vendor report (JIRA #6988)

Retain until administrative need has concluded, not to exceed one year.

TSA Multiple Enrollments Report

Report to identify employees with multiple TSA enrollments who are close to reaching the IRS maximum to determine which TSA deduction to allow to go through, and which deduction to manually override for the remainder of the calendar year.

HRS: CR + 5 years
Campus: Administrative need not to exceed 1 year.
Destroy Confidentially. PII/Confidential

Payroll Accounting and Benefit Reports and Transfers

Records series consists of reports and correspondence that have fiscal audit values related to transfers of payroll funds. Series documents issues and concerns related to transfer of funds to banks for state payroll, reports that total savings bond deduction totals and other summary accounting reports that provide backup documentation to support the WISMART system. Items in this series include but are not limited to the following:

  • Electronic Deposit Correspondence: between Processing Center and banks that deposit employee paychecks through electronic deposit.
  • ACH--Automatic Check Transfer-Cancellation Notice:
  • Saving Bond Deduction Totals Report: generated bi-weekly from Processing Center system.Report is not distributed outside of Processing Center.
  •  Saving Bond Payment form used by Processing Center staff to identify the total bi-weekly savings bond payment amount.
  • Retroactive Benefit Calculations Report {JIRA # 6914)
  • Retroactive Benefit Missing Premium Report {JI.RA #6913)
  • Deduction Pre-pay Reconciliation Report {JIRA #6905)

HRS: CR + 4 years
Campus: Administrative need not to exceed 1 year.
Destroy Confidentially.
Pll/ Confidential

Active ETF Participant Case File Records

Records series covers various application, enrollment and maintenance records that State employees use to participate in various benefit programs administered by the State Department of Employee Trust Funds {DETF). The DETF maintains the official copy of records in this series in the DETF Participant files of the Department, for the duration of an individual's term of employment with the State and for the following periods of time thereafter:

  • Event {Death)+ 25 years or
  • Event (Separation benefit or single sum annuity) + 40 years.

Records in this series document the employee's participation in the Wisconsin Retirement System {WRS), Health insurance, benefits, life insurance, income continuation insurance (JCI) and certain benefit continuation programs. Series includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Accumulated Leave Certification
  • Approval Notice of Benefits
  • Beneficiary Designation
  • Benefit Claim
  • Continuation Notice
  • Death Benefit Information Request
  •  Election to Reduce Life Insurance Amount
  • Employment Application and Statement
  •  Evidence of Insurability
  • Group Life Insurance Coverage
  • Health Insurance Application Health Insurance Change
  • Income Continuance Insurance ApplicationLife Insurance Application/Cancellation
  •  Life Insurance Disability Premium Waiver
  •  Medical Report- Disability Retirement
  • Notice of Death
  • Sick Leave Certification
  •  Sick Leave Escrow Application

Also includes Enrollment Deadline Worksheet for employees with no email preference as well as Name Change documentation, Beneficiary Change Forms.This series may also include a copy of the employee's most recent ETF Benefit Statement. This statement is used to retirement benefit counseling.The employee also receives copies of many items above for his or her own record.

Campus: At the time of employment termination, the individual case file is pulled and placed with terminated employee case file. SEE: UWPY0031 Terminated Employee Case File 

OFFICIAL COPY is maintained by ETF. ETF maintains death benefit participant files for 25 years from date of death or for 40 years from date of separation.

Enrollment Reports

Series of HRS reports on new benefit plan enrollments, changes in coverage level or plans, and enrollment terminations for each benefit plan in addition to changes in personal data such as name changes, changes in addresses, and corrections of Social Security Numbers and dates of birth. This series also includes reports that show what insurance programs employees are enrolled in and deduction amounts, {JIRA #6987)

Retention:HRS: CR + 7 years
Campus: Administrative need not to exceed 1 year.
Destroy Confidentially. PII/Confidential

Benefit Confirmation Reports

Open Enrollment and New Hire enrollment events have a requirement to provide a statement to employees as confirmation of their enrollment elections. Distribution will be via paper for employees who do not have the new custom field "UW Communication Preference" (see HRS-665) marked for email communication and/or don't have an email address available. This series includes such items as:Income Continuation (ICI) Notification. Campus-Completed enrollment forms may be a part of the employee's benefit case file. NOTE: Applies to email communications.

HRS: EVT + 7 years EVENT= Date of Termination
Campus: Administrative need not to exceed 1 year.
Destroy Confidentially.

DETF Benefits Reports

Records series includes various benefits reports that list benefits accrued in DETF -administered Programs, including the WRS, health, life, and ICl lnsurances.

Series includes but is not limited to the following reports:

  • Annuitant Health Insurance Monthly Coverage Report
  • Employee Transaction Report
  • Group Health Insurance Monthly Additions Report
  • Group Health Insurance Monthly Change Report
  • Group Health Insurance Monthly Deletions Report
  • Group ICI Monthly Premium Report
  • Group Life Insurance Collection Report
  • Health Insurance Summary Report
  • ICI Summary Report
  • Monthly Health Insurance Coverage Report
  • Monthly Retirement Remittance Report
  • Rehired Annuitant Election to Participate in the WRS
  • WRS Coverage Detail Report
  • WRS Over/Under Payment/Interest Due Report

Institutions receive copies of reports if applicable to employees in their institution.The Department of Employee Trust Funds (DETF) has the original which is retained for 7 years from the date of the report.

This item includes the following interfaces: ERA Enrollment Report, Employee Periodic Transaction Report, and Annual Employee Transaction Report.

HRS Interfaces: CR + 7 years
Campuses: Retain until completion of administrative need, not to exceed 1 year
Destroy Confidentially.

TSA and Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Documentation

This records series includes hard copy TSA and WDC documentation of enrollments and changes to contribution levels for individual UW employees.

HRS: CR +7 years
Campuses: Employee Benefit Case File- CR + 7 years.
Destroy Confidentially.

Payroll- Benefit Administrative Reference Reports

This records series includes items created I received for administrative convenience or reference.Items can include: Mailing Labels for Employees Participating in Benefit Programs (JIRA #6934). The majority of the information is currently distributed electronically with only a few employees at Madison that still receive the hard copy materials as they do not have access to electronically view information. The mailing labels will be produced for anyone without a primary email address stored in the system. This series also includes reports such as the New Hire Hold Report used by benefit coordinators to ensure that no new employee is missed in benefit determinations. Others include:Billing Calendar Table listing (JIRA #6984)· 

HRS: Retain until administrative need has concluded, not to exceed 1 year.
Campuses: Retain until administrative need has concluded, not to exceed 1 year.
Destroy Confidentially.
Pll/ Confidential

Benefit Comparison Summary Report

Report summarizes benefit contributions by worker and employer for a population of employees.

HRS: CR + 5 years·
Campus: Administrative need not to exceed 1 year.
Destroy Confidentially.
Pll/ Confidential

Base Benefit Audit Report

This report identifies errors the benefit administrator makes when entering data into Ben Admin and/or Base Benefits transactional systems. This report will specifically be used prior to self-service.

HRS-CR + 3 years
Campus-Administrative need not to exceed 1 year
Destroy Confidentially.
Pll/ Confidential

Benefit Program Vendor Data Files

These are data files that are electronically transferred to vendors supplying the benefit and/or insurance program to UW employees. The data files include names, 10 information, payment data, SSN, and other pertinent information of employees who have enrolled in such programs. Data transfers are used to inform vendors of new enrollments, transfer payments, and support eligibility determinations. These can data file transfers can include some or all of the following: ERA Eligibility and Deduction files.

HRS: CR + 7 years
Campus: NA
Destroy Confidentially.

COBRA Related Reports

Reports related to the eligibility and enrollment in COBRA. Includes report listing individuals deniedCOBRA coverage because they were dismissed for cause, required COBRA notification for eligibleemployees, COBRA error report (JIRA #6986), COBRA Notification Letters and Enrollment Forms (JIRA#6985)

HRS-CR + 7 years
Campuses-Retain copy of official notices in employee payroll case file-if one is maintained. See UWPY0030 for retention of the employee payroll case file.
Destroy Confidentially.

Terminated Employee Case File

This records series includes the Institution copy of benefit forms, withholding, applications,notifications, etc. that are current at the time of employee termination. After the employee terminates from the particular Institution, the case file is maintained to determine the employee's rights to various benefits. These records are the responsibility of the employing institution. Employees will complete new withholding authorization forms when they move to another Institution. However, records in this series may be used to provide backup documentation of the employee's payroll activities.

Campuses-EVT + 5 years EVENT= date of employee termination.
Destroy Confidentially.

Life Insurance Reports and Interfaces Sent to Vendors

lists of employees and their coverage sent to life insurance vendor (currently Minnesota Life).(Example Individual and Family Annual Census File)

HRS: CR + 7 years
Campus: NA
Destroy Confidentially.

Annual Benefit Statements

This series consists of Annual benefit statements produced by the HRS system. This statement reflects all benefit programs in which the employee is currently enrolled and total employer/employee contributions to them.

HRS- EVT + 5 years EVENT= date of employee termination.
Destroy Confidentially.