Reference and Instruction

RDA # /Status Record Series Title and Description Medium for Record Storage PII Registry Exempt Confidential/ Access Restricted Minimum Retention/ Disposition/ Event
Reference Questions and Tabulations (Library)
Records of written exchanges between patrons and library staff regarding ready reference or resource based questions made via email, text, chat or other forms of written communications. Series also includes records created to record the number and nature of the exchanges for statistical purposes.
Paper and Electronic Format Yes No Yes Patron records protected per Wis. Stat §43.30 (1)(m), (2) Retention:
EVENT + 6 months
Event= Exchange is no longer needed for quality control or statistical purposes
Disposition: destroy confidential
UWLIB139 Renewed Information Literacy Instruction Statistics              Records created to document classes taught by members of the library staff. Information will include the name of the staff member, the course number and title, department, instructor and number of students present. Paper and Electronic Format Yes Yes No Retention:
EVENT + 1 year. Event=
Academic year.
Disposition: destroy confidential
Library Instructional Materials
Materials created for patron use, explaining the use of the catalog, databases and other bibliographic tools.
Paper and Electronic Format No -- No Retention:
EVENT + 6 months
Event= No longer needed
Disposition: destroy