These publications are created to inform the public and staff of events, policies, and other matters of interest to the library. They may include programming calendars, updates on electronic resources, or changes in library policies. Administrative Note: A library may wish to keep duplicate newsletters as part of its historical file. 

Retention Time Period
Original: After publication transfer copy to archives
Copies: Destroy when no longer needed


These files provide information about specific library programs, events or exhibits. These files may contain a copy of materials developed for publicity and programming, and evaluation forms. They may also include contracts or purchase orders for the event, the number and distribution sites of publicity materials, and schedules. Files documenting performances and lectures may include promotional literature, printouts from performer websites, press releases, notes, permission/consent to photograph forms signed by attendees, any donation requests, correspondence, and flyers. These files may include subject files about performers in general, copies of flyers or other promotional ephemera. These records may describe a library exhibit and document the items that were used to create it. These files may include lists of materials used, any loan agreements for the exhibit materials, and dates the exhibit was shown. These records may also include photographs of library programming and events. Libraries are encouraged to permanently keep duplicates of some of these materials in the historical file, particularly more popular events and/or activities that offer a historical perspective. 

ADM. NOTE: Attendance sheets and reservations that include individuals’ names should be destroyed confidentially after compilation of statistics for compliance with Wis. Stat. § 43.30. 

Retention Time Period
Original: Academic year of creation + additional 1 year and thereafter transfer to archives
Copies: Destroy when no longer needed