Information Technology

Computer Ongoing Operations and Technical Support

Program Source Code

This record series includes program source code including run or job controls.

Retention: EVT+ 3 Year EVENT= Code is superseded or replaced Destroy/Delete
Pll? No
Confidential? No
Copies: Destroy when no longer needed.

Electronic Records Software and Documentation and System Maintenance

This record series consists of proprietary and non-proprietary software as well as related documentation that provide information about the content, structure, and technical specifications of computer systems necessary for retrieving information retained in machine readable format. These records may be necessary for an audit process.

Retention: Retain as long as software-dependent records are retained.
Pll? No
Confidential? No

Audit Trails: Routine Administrative Information

This record series consists of system-generated audit trails tracking events relating to records in information systems used for routine administrative activities. Audit trails link to specific records in a system and track such information as the user, date and time of event, and type of event (data added, modified, deleted, etc.).

Retention: EVT + 4 Years EVENT=Date of completion and/or audit report Destroy/Delete
Pll? No
Confidential? No

Operating System and Hardware Migration Conversion Planning

This series consists of planning documentation for migration of data from one system to another system done when systems are upgraded or a new system is implemented. This includes code migration procedures.

Retention: EVT+3 Years EVENT= Completion of Conversion Destroy/Delete after data is transferred to a new format
Pll? No
Confidential? No