Records Retention Schedule

Index Student Affairs

Program Description: The University of Wisconsin System is comprised of fifteen distinct institutions, this schedule pertains to the records and information arising from currently understood UWSystem record policies and procedures. It applies to all such records regardless of format or media. While an attempt has been made to describe the records in commonly used terms, there may be instances in which the schedule does not reflect the exact title or name used by a given department. If offices or departments cannot determine by the descriptive information provided on each item whether a given departmental record is covered or not, they should contact their campus University Records Officer. An attempt has been made to include all records commonly required or used within the University campuses. However, as processes change, forms may be modified and new ones created, and documentation requirements may also change. This schedule will be reviewed periodically to insure that it is kept as up-to-date as possible. The record schedules described within this document include the following records:

1. Student Affairs Officer

2. Disability Services

3. Child Care Centers

4. Student Government

5. Recreation/Intramurals

6. Risk Management

7. Fee Waivers

Electronic Systems: Maxient

Official Records & Copies:

  •  Official Record: A complete, final, and authorized version of a record, often containing an original signature or seal.
  • Working Copies: Staff may generally destroy rough draft materials that are subsequently finalized and maintained as part of the official record. However, staff should retain significant drafts when needed to document the decision-making process within the official record.
  • Reference or Convenience Copies: Staff may maintain duplicate or working copies of records described in this schedule for reference and/or convenience purposes. Copies may be retained for as long as needed, but they should not be kept longer than the time specified in the approved RDA for the official record in this schedule. Do not maintain unnecessary duplicate copies. When retained for convenience or reference only, copies are considered non-records under Wis. Stat. § 16.61(2). Do not send copies to storage or retain them for longer than the retention periods specified for the official copy.

Confidentiality of Records: Most records are not confidential and are open to public disclosure, however, there are exceptions. This retention schedule will identify any record series that may contain information required by law to be kept confidential or specifically required to be protected from public access, identifying the state or federal statute, administrative rule, or other legal authority that so requires. If in doubt as to whether or not a specific record, or content in that record, is confidential, check with your agency legal counsel. A record series should be identified as confidential even if not all records in the series contain confidential information and not all parts of records covered by the series are confidential.