Health Services

Student Athletics

Student Athletics Student Athlete Medical Files Series

represents the main student athlete health record for athletics programs. Student athlete medical files contain health physicals, health history questionnaires, physician notes, injury evaluations, injury rehabilitation, diagnostic imaging results, operative reports, operative pictures, health insurance information and any other health material. 

Retention Time Period
Original: Last semester of attendance + 7 years and then destroy confidentially.

Student Athletics Athlete Diagnostic Tests

The record series includes MRI’s, X-Rays, Bone scans and CT scans. The tests are filed alphabetically by team sport for active student athletes and alphabetical only for non current student athletes. 

Retention Time Period
Original: Last semester of eligibility + 7 years and then destroy confidentially.

Sports Camp Medical Records

Medical records consist of a health history form which is required for each person enrolled in a athletic sports camp sponsored by a UW System institution. The form includes date of last physical examination, immunization records, allergic reactions and identification of any existing medical problems, as well as signed consent forms to allow for medical treatment and medicinal dispensing 

Retention Time Period
Original: Year of participation + 4 years unless participant is a minor, then records need to be kept until minor reaches age 18.
Destroy confidentially.