Faculty and Academic Staff

Recruitment And Hiring

UWPER006 Employment Inquiry Files (Unsolicited Applications)
This series includes applicant materials received by anyone on campus generally, and not in response to any particular position. Materials may include curriculum vitae; letters of inquiry; and letters of recommendations. (See definition of Internet applicant in Section H. Definitions)

Retention Period:
Campus: EVT + 6 Years.
EVT= Date of Receipt.
Destroy Confidentially.

UWPER007 FINAL Position Listing (Madison ONLY)
This series includes the final approved version of the PVL (the position description) noting the "released" status and date and accompanying documentation. The PVL describes the position which is being recruited, including information regarding: employing unit and payroll (funding) source(s), position title, type of appointment, salary level, dates of availability and appointment, position description and qualifications, and approval signatures.

Campus: EVT + 6 Years.
EVT= Date that position is filled.
Copies: Destroy once administrative need has been met.
Destroy Confidentially.

9UWPER008 Resume / CVResume/CV
are a component of the official personnel file for all faculty, academic staff and limited appointees.

Resumes and CVs submitted as part of the recruitment process will be in TAM in the HRS system. TAM will hold the initial CV only. Updated versions will still be responsibility of employing units.

Retention Period:
Campuses: Retain in the individual's personnel file. (See UWPER 001 for retention.)
HRS-TAM copies: Retain until the recruitment process has concluded and destroy.

UWPER009 Active / Inactive Positions
This is an HRS report listing classifications and open positions by department. Institutions can use this report for position management.

Retention: Campus: CR+ 1 year. CR= Creation.
Destroy Confidentially.

Criminal Background Checks

UWPER010 Criminal Background Checks - Successful
UWPER011 Criminal Background Checks - Unsuccessful

Records of criminal background checks made of UW employees at the time of hire.

These records include, but are not limited to: (1) the confidential self-disclosure job application supplements; (2) the criminal background check reports, which are generated by private vendors on a contract basis, University employees, or employees of the Wisconsin Department of Justice; (3) records created and received by the University employees who are responsible for making hiring decisions, which document the decision-making process for determining whether an applicant's criminal background is substantially related to the requirements of the employment position; and (4) records related to notifying applicants of a decision not to hire, due to the substantial relation of the applicant's criminal background and the requirements for the employment position.
Original background checks may be retained as confidential materials kept separately from the P-file.

Recordkeeping Responsibility: The maintenance of the records of the background checks will remain campus responsibility to retain. HRS may record whether or not a background check has been completed and destroy after 7 years.

UWPER010 Criminal Background Checks - Successful: CR + 7 Years CR= Creation.

UWPER011 Criminal Background Checks - Unsuccessful: CR + 7 Years CR= Creation. Confidentially. PII/Confidential.

10UWPER012 Recruitment File
This is the final ad copy for the position vacancy announcement. For some recruitments, where foreign national applicants may apply and a campus policy would allow for a labor certification (such as faculty recruitment) a final print ad copy will be necessary. This is a part of the recruitment file and the print ad may become a part of the employee file if applicable.

HRS: Some recruitment information may be held in TAM. If so, retain 6 years and delete/destroy. (29 U.S.C.§626 and 29 C.F.R.§1627.3(ADEA) and 29C.F.R.§1602.31(Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964)

Campuses: CR + 6 Years. CR= Creation. Destroy Confidentially. PII/Confidential

UWPER013 Search and Screen Committee Records
This series includes minutes, lists of candidates and nominees, lists of interviewees, press releases and other publicity materials, position descriptions, position vacancy announcements, list of search and screen committee members, lists of colleagues and professional organizations from which nominations may have been sought, sample letters sent to applicants, sample questions used in the interview process, rejected letters of offer and any other correspondence related to the process. (29 U.S.C.§626 and 29 C.F.R.§1627.3(ADEA) and 29C.F.R.§1602.31(Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964)
NOTE: [Some institution archives may consider search and screen committee files for higher level positions to have archival value (Dean positions and higher levels of administration). Each institution will need to make this determination with the involvement of the institution archivist.]

Campuses: EVT + 6 Years. EVT= Date that position is filled. Destroy Confidentially. PII/Confidential
Copies: Destroy when no longer needed.

UWPER014 Letters of Appointment
This series consists of the official letter which outlines the duties of the position, type of appointment, percent time of appointment, beginning and end dates of appointment, financial remuneration, title and name of person to whom the employee is immediately responsible, departments involved in the funding of the appointment, and governance rights.
NOTE: For those institutions using the TAM module of HRS, the official letter of appointment/offer will be in TAM.

Campuses: Accepted letter of offer sent to the individual. A copy is placed in the individual's Official P- File. Rejected letters of offer would be maintained as part of the candidate files (item UWPER 013 in the search and screen records).
Copies: Transfer one copy to the individual's Official P-File. If the individual is a limited-term employee, transfer a copy to Human Resources and retain from date of acceptance + additional 1 year and destroy. Destroy all other copies when no longer needed.
HRS: EVT + 6 Years. EVT= Date of Appointment. Destroy Confidentially. PII/Confidential

UWPER015 Affirmative Action-Applicant Pool
Includes affirmative action information form as well as any forms the applicant is required to complete or fulfill affirmative action job reporting requirements (such as the applicant pool summary containing number of applicants, race, gender breakdowns and disposition statuses). This is a report of aggregate data from the TAM/recruitment file and applicants as they apply for each position.

Campuses –
EVT + 6 Years EVENTT= Date that position is filled. Destroy Confidentially.
HRS –Set of tables in TAM— EVT + 6 Years. EVT= Date that position is filled.PII/Confidential

UWPER016 Affirmative Action-By Job Group
This an affirmative action reporting documentation completed by each institution reporting on affirmative action by job group/category.

This series includes the affirmative action information form, which is mailed to all applicants to self-identify for affirmative action purposes. Also included are any forms the applicant is required to complete to fulfill affirmative action reporting requirements, which position vacancy number if such is used, gender and heritage codes, appointee's name, position title, date appointment begins, title code, name of person making selection. The information is filed with the Affirmative Action Office. Also included are the affirmative action review forms. These forms are to be completed for faculty, limited or academic hires if:

-underutilization exists in the job group being filled
-members of the underutilized protected groups were in the applicant pool, and
-an underutilized protected group member was not recommended.

The form collects information such as: position title, PVL #, name of candidate, explanation of why candidate is being recommended, and signatures of authorizing positions.

Original: EVT + 6 Years. EVT= Date that position is filled. Destroy Confidentially. PII/Confidential
Copies: Destroy when administrative need is completed, not to exceed 1 year.

UWPER017 Candidate Files

Individual candidate files include all materials submitted by the candidate as part of the application - recruitment process. Also Selective Service registration verifications are included under this series. 

NOTE: The information that is gathered or created in TAM for recruitment will be retained for the same length of time in the system and/or data warehouse as the candidate file. After the position is filled, it is the intent that part of the successful candidates file will be transferred to a P-file. Some of the items that currently go into a P-file that are captured in TAM are: a candidates resume, the initial PD, the Criminal Background Check date, and the contract/appointment letter, etc. A campus will probably need to have hard copies of the documents gathered during recruitment placed in a P-file, or if the campus keepsUniversity of Wisconsin System Faculty and Academic Staff (Unclassified Staff) and Limited Appointments General Retention Schedule12electronic P-files, the documents would be copied into the electronic P-file. (29 U.S.C.§626 and 29 C.F.R.§1627.3(ADEA) and 29C.F.R.§1602.31(Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964)

Campus— Complete candidate file.
HRS – See Note above.
EVT + 6 Years. EVT= Date that position is filled. Destroy Confidentially. PII/Confidential

This series includes the Federally-required forms that verify employment eligibility and employee identity. The I-9 includes the employee's name, address, birth date, social security number, verification of citizenship, and date and signature. Also included is a section for the employer to verify the documentation presented to prove citizenship and employment eligibility. (8 U.S.C.§1324(a) Immigration and Nationality Act)

Campuses: Date of hire + additional 3 years, or date of termination + additional 1 year, whichever is later, and destroy. Retain the form in a separate file.

Do not retain copies.

These forms include: Create a Position, Hire a Person (with a Position), Hire a Person (without a Position), Add a Person, Change a Position, Job Change (with a Position), Job Change (without a position), Additional Information for Student Help, Change a Person, Vacation Option Election Form, Self-Identification Form, Emergency Contact Form. These forms function much like the former personnel action forms in that they authorize changes to the HRS system.

Campuses: Signed original--Retain 2 years and destroy.
Copies: Destroy upon completion of administrative need, not to exceed 1 year.
Destroy Confidentially. PII/Confidential