Facilities Management Related

Facilities Management Related


This general records schedule covers the facility and related records of Wisconsin government agencies. There are six broad categories:

-General Policies and Procedures
-Capital Budget Related records 
-Use and Operation of Facilities related records including parking
-Security related record Series
-Health, Safety and Risk management Facility related records
-Records related to state owned and operated cemeteries 

For the Capital Budget section this schedule covers facilities that are constructed under the statutory authority of the State Building Commission which has responsibility for developing and implementing the state building program. Facility related records related to state transportation functions which have separate statutory authority are not included within the scope of this general records schedule. These records would be covered by program specific records schedules. 

When the General Records Schedule for Budget and Budget Related Records was approved in March 2002 it did not include the record series related to the capital budget which follows its own set of policies and procedures until the approved State Building Commission biennial building program is added to the biennial budget bill by the Joint Committee on Finance. The Legislature then considers the capital budget as part of the biennial budget bill.

The sections on Use and Operation of Facilities; Security related records and Health, Safety and Risk management have general applicability to all state owned and or operated facilities.

The section on state owned and operated cemeteries narrowly applies to the state agencies that own and operate such facilities.

This retention schedule applies to records in all media.

A companion document Introduction to General Records Schedules June2009provides more information and guidance about the use of general records schedules by Wisconsin government agencies. In particular agencies are cautioned about destroying records at the end of the required retention time period if:

-records are required for a financial or performance audit; 
-records are relevant to an existing, pending, or impending legal proceeding
-a relevant public records request has been received and not completed;
-a revised retention schedule is under development that would extend the retention time period.

Unless specified otherwise each category covers official records maintained by both DOA and state agencies.