Budget Related

Supplemental Information on Budget Related Systems

Personnel Management Information System (PMIS) 

The Personnel Management Information System (PMIS) purpose is to provide the Governor, the Legislature, and the Office of State Employment Relations (OSER) with the most up-to-date information pertaining to authorized positions, payroll, and related items covering civil service employment. PMIS includes positions in all executive branch agencies except the University of Wisconsin System, the Court system, and the Legislature (exceptions: Retirement Research Committee and Legislative Audit Bureau). PMIS is created by statute and maintained by the Secretary of the Department of Administration. 

Whenever a new position is created or an existing position is restructured or deleted through any number of statutory processes, the affected agency must complete PMIS file maintenance documents. The most common reason PMIS file maintenance documents are prepared are as follows: 

  • New Positions: a position has been created through the biennial budget, s. 13.10 or s. 16.505 processes, miscellaneous legislation, fractionations (splitting existing FTE to create a new position), federal grants (s. 16.54), or a surplus position is needed (16.50 (3)).
  • Restructured Positions: the agency wants to change some information about a position, i.e., funding, secondary level, organization code, class code, or a change in duties.
  • Deleted Positions: the agency wants to delete the position. For example, a project position may have expired; the FTE of the deleted position can be used to increase the FTE of other positions; or, the budget requires the position to be deleted.

As required under s. 16.50 of the statutes, the Department of Administration will review all requests before positions are authorized, restructured or deleted. The review generally addresses variations on two global concerns: (1) that the requested positions or changes are consistent with the budgetary intent underlying the positions authorization; and, (2) that the agency has completed the required PMIS file maintenance documents completely and accurately.