Budget Related

Other Budget and Control Related Records series

RDA Number: BUD00040 Both SBO and State Agencies

Previous RDA Number : New

Record Series Title:Management Reviews/Studies/Audits

Description:Reports or studies that are either mandated by state law or directed by the Governor or Agency head conducted by DOA or agency budget staff and or management analysis staff. Also includes management audits as mandated by Wis. Stat. 16.004(6).

Minimum Retention and Disposition:Event + 5 years and transfer to the Wisconsin Historical Society or applicable UW Archives.Event is the date the report is completed


Confidential: No

Use Case/Example:Typically mandated as session law directives in the biennial budget.Studies might also be authorized by Executive Order or requested by an Agency head.

RDA Number: BUD00041 Both SBO and State Agencies

Previous RDA Number : BUDG006

Record Series Title: Legislative Fiscal Notes/Estimates and Bill Analysis Files

Description:The SBO coordinates the process of obtaining fiscal estimates per Wis. Stat. 13.093(2)(a).Records include bill analyses and fiscal notes/estimates prepared by agencies within the scope of their responsibilities as well as final working documents, if any, within the agency developing the fiscal estimate and or bill analysis.For the State Budget Office, this series includes any fiscal notes and or bill analysis which it prepares, as well as correspondence with Legislators and agency staff when there are questions related to the fiscal note and or

Minimum Retention and Disposition:FIS + 4 years and then transfer to the Wisconsin Historical Society or applicable UW Archives.


Confidential: No

Use Case/Example:

Agencies often keep a complete set of legislative proposals each legislative session for reference purposes. These are reference only.Only the fiscal notes and bill analysis prepared by agency staff and or the SBO staff are records.

RDA Number: BUD00042 SBO only

Previous RDA Number : BUDG009

Record Series Title: Joint Finance Committee Meeting Under WS 13.10 (agendas, supporting materials and meeting minutes)

Description:Records include the official record of Joint Committee on Finance Meetings under s. 13.10, Wisconsin Statutes, containing agency requests, Department of Administration and Fiscal Bureau analyses and Governor's recommendations and minutes of committee persons.

Minimum Retention and Disposition:FIS+5 years and then transfer to the Wisconsin Historical Society


Confidential: No

Use Case/Example: These meeting agendas and related minutes are published on the SBO website.

RDA Number: BUD00043 SBO only

Previous RDA Number : New

Record Series Title: Governor's Review and Approval of Agency Administrative Rules

Description:2011 Wis. Act 21 clarified the authority of a state agency to promulgate administrative rules. It requires gubernatorial approval of scope statements on proposed administrative or emergency rules and economic impact analysis of the proposed rules.

Records include the final version of the:

  • Scope statement
  • Economic Impact Analysis
  • Proposed Rule

This record series includes the correspondence files and documents for each of the three steps: (1) the agency's development and submission, (2) the State Budget Office analysis, and (3) the Governor's approval.

Note: The scope statements are part of the initial step in the process that results in the Administrative Rule which is published by the Legislative Reference Bureau.

Minimum Retention and Disposition:FIS + 5 years and then transfer to the Wisconsin Historical Society


Confidential: No

Use Case/Example:

In many state agencies, the Office of Legal Counsel maintains the agency master administrative rules file. Agency materials to comply with the Governor's review would be part of that file; therefore agency materials are not covered by this category.

RDA Number: BUD00044 SBO

Previous RDA Number : New

Record Series Title: External Approval of State Agency Travel and Training

Description:Approval by SBO, if required, for out- of-state travel and or training. Approval could be for either individual trips or an agency travel plan.See the series for operating budget (BUD030) which contains the travel authorization internal to an agency.Agency staff who need to travel as part of their normal activities are typically exempt from such travel plans for in-state travel but would be subject to the plan for out-of-state travel.

Minimum Retention and Disposition:FIS + 6 years and then destroy


Confidential: No,
Exception:For certain law enforcement staff, this might be confidential

Use Case/Example:Authorization is typically submitted with receipts as part of the travel voucher which in turn is maintained by the Finance office for FIS + 6 years per RDA 90000021, Fiscal and Accounting General Schedule.From the individual's perspective, the records are covered in the Administrative GRS under HR000181, retention of creation + 1 year.