Budget Related

Budget Related


This general records schedule covers records related to biennial budget development, annual agency operating budget development and implementation, and other budget and state government control related records typically managed by budget staff.

Personally Identifiable Information: Wisconsin law requires authorities to identify specifically certain record series within a general records schedule that contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII). The statute defines PII broadly as "information that can be associated with a particular individual through one or more identifiers or other information or circumstances." Wis. Stats. § 19.62(5). Despite this broad definition, Wis. Stats. § 16.61(3)(u), requires that record series within a schedule containing the following types of PII need not be identified as such: a) mailing lists; b) the results of certain computer matching programs; c) telephone or e-mail directories; d)record series pertaining exclusively to agency employees; and e) those relating to state agency procurement or budgeting. As to those record series identified as containing PII, the schedule should further indicate whether the PII is incidental to the primary purpose for which the record series is created. Additional information and definitions of key terms relating to PII are provided at If in doubt as to whether a specific record series contains PII, check with agency legal counsel, either within your agency or by contacting the Attorney General's office.

Because of the exemption of budget related records in the statutory definition, none of the budget related record series in this document contain PII.

Related Records Series: See the section on related records series included in the document for reference purposes.Closed Records Series: See the section on closed records series included in the document. 

Closed series were included in the prior version of the Budget Records Schedule but are not part of this updated schedule. The rationale for each closed series is provided.

State Budget Office Maintains Executive Office Budget Related Records

For the biennial budget, the State Budget Office in the Department of Administration maintains the records on behalf of the Executive Office. The records in the State Budget Office are the de facto records of the Executive Office.

Legislative Fiscal Bureau Records are Reference Copies

For those record series where the Legislative Fiscal Bureau (LFB) prepares records related to the state budget related functions, the copies received and maintained by both the DOA State Budget Office and state agencies are reference copies not subject to Wisconsin Records retention laws. These records may be retained as needed by the State Budget Office and state agencies. Most materials produced by the LFB are readily available on the LFB website.

These include:

  • Legislative Fiscal Bureau Papers Produced During Joint Finance Budget Meetings - Previously BUDG0023
  • Joint Finance Executive Action Notes/Decisions on Agency Issues - Previously BUDG0034
  • Budget Summary/Comparison Documents Prepared by LFB
  • Summary of Governor's Vetoeso Fund Condition Reports
  • Bi-Annual State Revenue Estimates

A companion document, Introduction to General Records Schedules-Boilerplate, February 2011, located at the Public Records Board web site (, provides more information and guidance about the use of general records schedules by Wisconsin state agencies.