Suspension and Probation Policy (FS 8.2.20)

8.2.20 Suspension and Probation Policy [FS 10/11-45] Good Academic Standing

Students are in good academic standing if they maintain a cumulative resident grade point average of 2.000 or greater. Academic Probation

Academic Probation indicates a level of student academic performance that is below what is required for successful progress towards the completion of a student's degree program.  It is an advisory warning that a student should take action to raise his/her level of achievement to an acceptable level of performance.


Students will be placed on academic probation if:

  • They have earned a cumulative grade point average less than 2.000 at UWRF.
  • They have earned a fall or spring semester GPA of less than 1.667.
  • They are readmitted after having left UWRF while they were on probation or suspended for academic reasons. Academic Suspension

A suspension action is taken when a student's academic performance indicates a need for a student to interrupt his/her enrollment status and reassess his/her goals, plans and ability to be academically successful. Once placed on academic suspension a student is not allowed to enroll in courses at UWRF during either fall or spring semester until he/she is readmitted to the university. 


Students will be suspended if any of the following items apply:

  • Their semester and cumulative grade point average is less than 2.000 at the end of two successive semesters at UWRF
  • They have earned a fall or spring semester GPA of less than 1.000.

Students do not need to me be on probation for this suspension regulation to take effect. Readmission after Suspension

A student who has been suspended may apply for readmission to the university through the Office of the Registrar. The Dean of the college to which a student seeks readmission will review the student’s application for readmission and make the decision on whether readmission will be granted. Depending on the circumstances, it is the Dean’s prerogative to readmit the student or not and determine the length and criteria of the suspension.