Repeated Courses (FS 8.2.21)

8.2.21 Repeated Courses

[FS 12/13-69]

A student may repeat a course in which a grade of 'C-', 'D+', 'F', 'XF', 'U', or 'W' was earned.

Students may request to repeat course in which other grades were received only if there are extenuating circumstances.  To request this exception, a Course Repeat Exception form must be completed and approved by the student's advisor, the chair of the department offering the course, and the student's Dean BEFORE the end of the first day of classes for that term.  If the form is not completed and submitted to the Registrar's office by the end of the first day of classes for that term, the student will be automatically dropped from the roster.

The original grade will remain on the student's transcript.  The new grade will replace the previous grade when the computing the grade point average (GPA).  If a student repeats a course and earns a lower new grade, the lower new grade will be used in the computation of the GPA.  If a student withdraws from a course taken as a "Repeat," the original grade earned will be reinstated in the overall GPA calculation.  

The University does not guarantee the right to repeat any course.  Courses may be deactivated, discounted, or offered on a different schedule.

Students may not retake course at another institution in order to raise their UWRF GPA.  Transfer credits generally applies towards graduation.  However, grades for these coursed will not be calculated into the UWRF cumulative GPA

Note: Athletes should check with their coaches before repeating courses in which a grade of a D was earned, as it may affect their athletic eligibility.  Students receiving veterans' benefits may not count in benefit level determination those credits for which grades of D were previously earned.