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International Relations Club Constitution

Article One

The name of this organization shall be the International Relations Club; hereafter referred to as I.R.C.

Article Two

The I.R.C. is a group of students who are interested in learning more about world issues. Areas of study include, but are not limited to, economics, finance, politics, international justice and social, humanitarian and environmental issues. The Organization's primary purpose it to prepare students for Model United Nations competitions, but other areas of particular interest in the area of International Relations are also explored.

Article Three

Section 1 Membership shall be open to all UWRF students.

Section 2 No member may be removed from membership without first having an open hearing, and then by no less than a two-thirds vote at a regular meeting.

Section 3 Membership in I.R.C. is open to all UWRF students, without regard to race, religion, age, gender, national origin, disability, ancestry, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation or personal status.

Section 4 Membership in the I.R.C. shall be defined as those who have paid their required dues.

Article Four

Section 1 The quorum of this organization shall consist of a simple majority of the members.

Section 2 During a regular meeting or a formal hearing, issues and amendments will not be voted upon unless a quorum has been reached.

Article Five

Section 1 Regular meetings will be held every week with the members consenting to the assigned day.

Section 2 A special meeting may be called by the president and/or chairpersons of committees.

Section 3 All members must be notified of all special meetings at least two days prior to that meeting.

Section 4 The I.R.C. bulletin board will provide information regarding upcoming events, and will be located across from the political science office.

Section 5 The meeting will be held with the use of parliamentary procedure, with the president officially presiding over the regular meetings.

Article Six

Section 1 The officers of this organization shall be the President, vice-president, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Section 2 All officers will be elected at the first meeting after the last Model United Nations conference in the spring semester of each year.

Section 3 No officer may be removed from office without first having an open hearing, and then by no less than a two-thirds vote at a regular meeting.

Section 4 Office vacancies will be filled by special election at the second meeting after the vacancy occurs. The exception would be if a two-thirds majority of the members at the first regular meeting request earlier replacement.

Article Seven

Section 1 Proposed amendment to this constitution or the by-laws shall be presented at a regular meeting at least one meeting prior to being voted upon.

Section 2 Adoption of proposed amendments requires a two-thirds majority vote of members present.

Section 3 Amendments must be approved by the Student Senate.

Section 4 Amendments will go into effect the next meeting following the Student Senate's approval.

Section 5 By-Laws shall be kept to be amended by a simple majority.


Article 1 Dues will be determined at the first meeting of each school year and will be payable to the treasurer.

Article 2 The I.R.C. shall appoint committees when needed.

Article 3 All spending of club funds must be approved by a simple majority of members present at any regular meeting.

Article 4 Club officers may spend club funds without the approval of the club membership to an amount not to exceed $100 per semester.


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