IceCube Project

2013 Summer Researchers


Rami Jubara

"I'm currently a third year student at Normandale College. In summer 2013 I catalogued flasher events and ran cDOM simulations for IceCube in Summer 2013. This involved a lot of python programming. I have plans to eventually become a professional physicist."

Ranee Skinner

Ranee Skinner is a recovering Political Scientist finishing her second Bachelor's degree in the UWRF Physics program.  After graduation, she wants to become a Mechanical Engineer and start getting paid for her tinkering.  On the IceCube project, she worked primary on the DOM azimuthal orientation project. This involved using IceCube calibration data to calculate the pointing directions of DOMs in the ice.

Danica Alvarez

Danica is a senior planning to graduate in spring 2014. During the summer of 2013, she worked on finding the azimuthal orientation of the DOMs and she is currently working on calibration the absolute brightness of "colored" DOMs.  This project will help us better understand the properties of the ice at the South Pole and help with improving the way IceCube calculates the energy of neutrino events. Both Ranee and Danica used the high performance computing resources in Madison to do their summer work.

Peter Malchow

Peter is a sophomore in physics. He spent the summer of 2013 running IceCube simulations on a GPU computer at UWRF and using the GPU cluster in Madison. 

David Stanley

David worked on an project  involving the simulation of cosmic-ray air showers using an Monte Carlo simulation called CORSKIA. David's work involved tracking the tens of thousands of different particles that are produced when very high energy protons, photons and iron collide in the upper atmosphere. The objective was to determine the numbers and energies of neutrons that reach the ground that can be detected by neutron monitors.