New Student Registration

New Student Registration

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Program Details

New Student Registration is your first official day as a Falcon. At New Student Registration, you will meet other new UWRF students, advise with faculty members in your field of study, learn about campus resources, and sign up for classes.  Attending a New Student Registration date is required for all new UWRF students.  Check out the Student Program and Friends and Family Program details for more specific information on registration day and for program schedules.

Spring 2020 Dates

Please check back soon for more details on signing up for Spring 2020.

Keys to a Successful Registration Program


Take Required UW-System Placement Tests in an Area Near You

UW-River Falls requires Placement Tests to help you place in the appropriate English, math, and foreign language courses. If you haven't earned credit for any college-level math or English courses, you will need to take the UW-System Placement Tests. Placement Tests are offered throughout the spring in areas around Wisconsin and Minnesota, and can also be taken online if you are from out of state. If you have questions about Placement Tests, please refer to our Placement Testing webpage
Option One: Take Ahead of Time

Regional Placement Tests are available near you in March, April, or May (note that you must complete this no later than 2 weeks ahead of your Registration date for us to receive your score in time). Sign up for these tests online and get them done at a location near you.

Option Two: Attend UW-River Falls Residual Placement Testing

We highly encourage you to take one of the Regional Placement Tests, however, new UW-River Falls students have the ability to take the Residual Placement Tests on the UWRF campus in the summer. You do not need to sign up ahead of time for these dates. Please check our Residual Placement Test webpage for more information on the dates we offer and other important information about the testing program.

Review Your Admitted Student Checklist

You might have all or some of these things completed already-- that's great! No matter where you're at in the process, you can check your progress online here 

Check the Admitted Student Checklist to make sure you've crossed all items off your list before attending New Student Registration. 

Double-check that we have the correct major for you listed in our registration system

Prepare for Your Academic Advising Session

To help ensure you get the best advice for your major and class schedule, be sure to double-check that we have the correct major listed in our registration system.

You should also submit official transcripts for any university/college courses that you've completed prior to attending registration. Otherwise, bring unofficial transcripts for any college courses that you have in progress or that you've recently completed. 

Note: having an idea of what classes you want to take can be very helpful when you come to registration, but keep an open mind when it comes to your first course schedule. Your advisor will assist you in getting the schedule that is right for you!

Day Of

Making the Trip


Please plan to be on campus for a fully day of programming from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Optional informational morning sessions are also available starting at 8:15 a.m.

Bring Your Registration Materials

Grey Check BoxFalcon ID (Wxxxxxxx) and password
Grey Check BoxUWRF New Student Registration Day parking permit
Grey Check BoxGovernment-issued ID for your official Falcon ID card.
Note that the photo you take at the program will be on your ID card throughout your UWRF expereince, so plan to look your best!
Grey Check BoxBe ready for anything!
Be sure to bring comfortable walking shoes, a sweatshirt, and an umbrella. We will be moving around and checking out different spaces of campus rain or shine!


Attend an Optional Morning Session

From 8:15 a.m. - 8:45 a.m., the following optional sessions are available for students and families to explore. If multiple sessions interest you, we can help you pick which session would be best for you to attend!

*Ability Services

The Ability Services session informs incoming students with disabilites about the process of obtaining academic accommodations. You'll learn about eligibility and documentation requirements, what accommodations and support is available, along with the differences between high school and college accommodations.

**Please note: the Ability Services session has been moved to our afternoon parent breakout sessions.**


Animal Science

Students looking to major in animal science can attend this session to learn more about the available areas that they can emphasize in: companion animals, equine, meat animals, and veterinatry technology. Students interested in dairy science or pre-veterinary medicine are also encouraged to attend.

Exploratory Students (Pre-Major)

Learn how Exploratory Advising and Career Services work together to assist students in finding major.

Honors Students

The Honors Porgram provides a supportive community for students who want to do well intellectually and who want to have fun with like-minded students. Our motto is "Do better, not more!" Students interested in joining the Honors Program should attend this session.

Modern Language Test Results

Received your modern language test results and learn about what options you have for enrolling in courses.

ROTC Interest

The Military Science Department provides leadership skills and real-world experience you need to lead others in today's workplace regardless of experiences or fitness level. ROTC offers several different vehicles to pay for your college experience. Take the test drive and earn up to ten leadership credits without commitment to the military.

Varsity Athletics

The Athletics Department will meet wtih incoming NCAA student athletes regarding eligibility rules and some items to prepare for prior to arriving on campus.

Veteran and Military Resource Center

The Veteran and Military Resource Center assists students with the different veteran educational benefits, how to apply for them, and how to use those benefits while attending UWRF. Attend this session to learn more about what is available to you and to speak with the staff.



Stay Informed

Now that you're a Falcon, it is important to check your UWRF email daily. You will receive information about tips for preparing for college, information about our Week of Welcome, and more!