New Student Registration

Friends and Family Program

Friends and Family

Family members and friends play an important role in students' success in college, so we encourage you to attend New Student Registration with your student.  No need to sign up, we're already expecting you!

While your student is meeting with advisors and registering for courses, you will attend your own program that familiarizes you with campus resources, new student transition challenges, and more.  Check out a detailed schedule for more information about the program and put the date on your calendar.  Please keep in mind that it is a full day program. If your student plans on moving in to their residence hall prior to the start of classes, you may need to complete the Early Arrival Request Form.  Please review the links below for additional helpful resources.

Detailed Schedules

While your student is getting registered for classes, we have a busy day planned for Family and Friends, too!

To learn more about what your student will be doing during the program, head on over to the Student Program page to view their schedule.