Placement Testing

Transfer Credit

If you are transferring credit from previous Math, English, or Modern Language courses, you may not need to take the placement tests.  See the transferrable classes below for details or contact the Office of Admissions for more information.


If you have transfer credit for any of the following English courses you do not need to take the English Placement Test (EPT):

ENGL 20 Foundations of English

ENGL 21  Foundations of English Non-Native Speakers: Reading, Writing, Grammar

ENGL 100 Academic Reading and Writing

ENGL 101 Freshman English for International Students


If you have transfer credits for any of the following courses, you do not need to take the Math Placement test:

MATH 010 Introduction to Algebra

MATH 030 Intermediate Algebra

MATH 126 Activities in Math

MATH 146 College Algebra

MATH 147 Algebra and Trigonometry

MATH 149 Pre-Calculus

MATH 156 Calculus for Business

MATH 166 Calculus for Science and Math

MATH 216 Elementary Statistical Concepts

MATH 266 Fundamentals of Statistics

MATH 246 Math for Elementary Teachers I

PSYC 201 Behavioral Statistics

TED 323 Content and Techniques of K-3 Mathematics I

Modern Language

Modern Language is optional for most majors. Receive up to 14 FREE credits with a grade of "A" by testing out of the courses in your language. Students have the option to complete Spanish, German, or French placement tests at the time they do the tests in Math and English. French and German programs are not offered at UWRF, however, students may choose to still take these tests. Any questions about those languages and others should referred to Modern Language Department at (715) 425-3121 or email