Placement Testing

Regional Testing Sign-Up and FAQs


Important Notice: Due to campus responses to the COVID-19 (coronavirus), UW-River Falls will not be hosting Regional UW-System Placement Tests this Spring. If you have already signed up for a Regional Placement Test at UW-River Falls or another site that has been cancelled, you will need to go back to the original email appointment confirmation you received when registering. Please follow the provided instructions for rescheduling testing.


In the event of all Regional Placement Tests being cancelled, please know that the UW Center for Placement Testing is working to create options for students to take these tests prior to their registration date. These options will be communicated to all incoming UW-River Falls students.


If you have immediate questions about Placement Testing or New Student Registration, please contact New Student and Family Programs.


For campus updates regarding COVID-19, please visit

The following information explains the Regional Placement Testing Program.  Regional Placement Testing dates in March, April, May, and June are open to all UW System students.  These tests are your next step in the enrollment process and are required for all new UWRF students.

What are they? 

The Wisconsin Placement Tests are used to place you into appropriate English Composition and Math classes.  World Language Tests (French, German, and Spanish) are also available for those who have taken a language in high school and wish to continue in college.  It is important to do your best on these tests because you are only allowed to take each test once.  You may be required to take remedial courses if your scores are low.

Do I have to take them?

All University of Wisconsin System students are required to complete the English and Math Placement Tests, unless you have taken a college course that exempts you from taking a test.  If you have questions on if you must take a certain test, please refer to our Transfer Credit web page.  If you've taken French, German, or Spanish in high school and are considering continuing in that language, it is recommended that you take a World Language Test in that subject.  

What if I've taken Advanced Placement (AP) Courses? 

If you are taking an AP Math course or AP English Language & Composition course this spring, you should still plan on taking the Placement Tests.  AP scores will not be available until July and registration for UWRF students is in June.  If you find out you've received credit for a Math and/or English Language & Composition course, you may contact your department to receive assistance in changing your upcoming semester schedule.

If you have already received your AP test scores for previous terms, you may reference our Advanced Placement Course List and Transfer Credit page to see if you must take the Placement Test.

How do I sign up? 

Register online for a Paper and Pencil Testing Program beginning February 1st on the UW System Center for Placement Testing web site.  If you wish to test during one of the Computer-Based Testing Programs, please note that registration does not open until March 1st.  Be sure to print off the confirmation information when you register.  If you desire to test with Special Accommodations, do not register online. Instead, request a special accommodations testing session

Where do I take them?  

You can take the Wisconsin Placement Tests at any of the test centers listed online.  You do not need to take them at the UW institution you are planning to attend.

Please Note: If you are taking the Placement Tests at a location other than UW-River Falls, you need to allow at least 10 business days prior to your registration date in order for your scores to be available. 

When do I take them?  

There are several weekend dates listed online, most of which are in March, April, May, and June.  Space is limited, so it is important that you sign up for a testing date early.

Is this test computer-based?

UW-River Falls offers the paper and pencil testing method for no cost.

Students may choose the Computer-Based Testing (CBT) method for a non-refundable cost of $80-$125. The CBT must be taken at another testing site, as UW-River Falls does not offer it on our campus.

Can I use a calculator? 

You may use a non-graphing calculator.  Graphing calculators and calculators that are part of a phone or other electronic device are not allowed.  Calculators cannot be shared and will not be provided.

What should I bring with me?

All students participating in the Wisconsin Placement Test Program should bring a valid photo ID (ex. driver's license, passport, high school student ID, military ID, etc.) and a non-graphing calculator (if desired) with them on their testing date. Students who do not provide a valid photo ID will not be allowed to test.

Where should I park?  

You may park for free in Pay 1 Lot (next to North Hall) or Pay 2 Lot (behind the University Center) on Saturdays during the Regional Placement Testing Program sessions.  Be sure to reference the campus map to view parking lot locations.  There is no permit required.  Vehicles parked in fire lanes, 20 Minute Flasher Required spaces, and handicapped spaces may be subject to ticketing and towing, so please make sure your vehicle is parked in a legal space.

What if I can't attend any of the Spring testing dates?   

UW-River Falls students who are unable to test during the spring may take the Wisconsin Placement Tests in June, August, or January on campus prior to their New Student Registration date.  For more information on this testing program, please visit: Residual Placement Testing.

What if I need Special Accommodations?

If you would like to request to take Placement Tests under non-standard conditions due to a disability, do not register online. Instead, you must request a special accommodations testing session.



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