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Thank you for your interest in the college experience of your student! We know how important it is for student success to have a strong support system. However, even with support, it is inevitable that students will go through phases of different emotions during their transition. Check out this chart and the newsletters in the grey box to familiarize yourself with the transition process.

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Move in Day

The first semester

Can you believe the first semester is already several weeks underway? We hope that you and your family had as much fun on Move-In Day as we did! There’s nothing quite like the beginning of a fresh academic year, and we love seeing all of the connections and excitement that our new students bring to campus.
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Falcon Center Yoga

Helping your student manage stress

The first semester is going by so fast. By now, you may be hearing from your student that they are starting to feel some stress. The pressure of their academics picking up coupled with moving away from home can be a challenge for many students.
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AG TEACH smaller

The registration process as a current student

Curious how course registration works now that your Falcon is a current student? For starters, as you may assume, it is very different from the New Student Registration day your student attended in summer.
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Walking in Snow

Preparing for a successful spring semester

Spring semester will be underway soon and your student will be entering their second semester of college. How can time be moving this quickly? Trust us, we are not sure either. Here are a few tips to help your student transition to their second semester and help them stay motivated to do their best! Read More


Almost Springtime

Challenges in the college transition

The reality is that not all students have a smooth transition to college, and in fact, the majority of students experience at least some kind of challenge when starting college. It can be daunting to be on the receiving end of a phone call with your student expressing their frustrations, especially when you would like to be able to fix their problems for them. Read More

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