McNair Scholars Program

McNair Scholars Graduates 2011

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 Ted Cannady

Ted CannadyMajor: Agricultural Business

Minor: Spanish

Faculty Mentor and Research Supervisor: Dr. David Trechter, Agricultural Economics, UW-River Falls

Research Topic: Trends in Customer Satisfaction & Spending Habits in Food Cooperatives

Paul Casper

Paul CasperMajor: Biology

Minor: Chemistry

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Cheng-Chen Huang, Biology, UW-River Falls

Research Supervisor: Thomas J. Waldschmidt, University of Iowa

Research Topic: Investigation into Human B-cell Lymphoma through a Recently Developed, Double-Transgenic Mouse Model

Michelle Haring

Michelle HaringMajor: Biology (Biomedical)

Minors: Chemistry and Animal Science

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sylvia Kehoe, Animal Food and Science, UW-River Falls

Research Supervisor: Dr. Sarah Tishkoff, University of Pennsylvania

Research Topic: Genetic Variation at CD36 and its Role in Malaria Susceptibility and Resistance

Jessica Kohls

Jessica KohlsMajor: Conservation

Minors: Biology

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Eric Sanden, Plant and Earth Science, UW-River Falls

Research Supervisor: Dr. Christine Moffitt, University of Idaho

Research Topic: Steelhead (Oncorhynchus Mykiss)Kelt Condition and Migration in the Snake and Columbia Rivers

Lindsey Neby

Lindsey NebyMajor: Physics

Minors: Spanish and Musical Theater

Faculty Mentor and Research Supervisor: Dr. Earl Blodgett, Physics, UW-River Falls

Research Topic: Modeling Bar-Resonator Interaction in Mallet Instruments

Sean Nomoto

Sean Nomoto-5Major: Physics

Minors: Mathematics and Chemistry

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Lowell McCann, Physics, UW-River Falls

Research Supervisor: Dr. Enrique Galvez, Colgate University

Research Topic: Demonstration of Photons Entangled in Spatial Modes

Treza Rosado

Majors: English and African Studies

Faculty Mentor and Research Supervisor: Dr. Margaret Swanson, Theatre, UW-River Falls

Research Topic: Film adaptation of the novel The Street by Anne Petry

Mame Fatou Thiam

Mame Fatou ThiamMajor: Mathematics

Minors: French

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kathy Tomlinson, Mathematics, UW-River Falls

Research Supervisor: Dr. Emily S Murphree, Miami University, Oxford Ohio

Research Topic: The Fairest of Them All: Using Variations of Beta-Binomial Distributions to Investigate Robust Scoring Methods

Trevor Tomesh

Trevor-Tomesh-06_1Major: Physics


Faculty Mentor:
Dr. Rellen Hardtke and Dr. Lowell McCann, UW-River Falls

Research Supervisor: Dr. Colin Price, University of Worchester in Worchester, England

Research Topic: Design and Development of Physics Simulations in the Field of Oscillations and Waves Suitable for K-12 and Undergraduate Instruction Using Computer Technology

Andria Vetsch

Andria VetschMajor: Health and Human Performance

Minor: Coaching


Faculty Mentor: Dr. Deb Allyn, HHP, UW-River Falls

Research Supervisor: Dr. Jane Case-Smith, Ohio State University

Research Topic: Efficacy of Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy for Children with Cerebral Palsy