Flavia Nagujja

Flavia Nagujja

Flavia NagujjaMajors: Chemistry-Biochemistry & Pre-Pharmacy

Anticipated Graduation Date: May, 2014

Research Supervisor & Faculty Mentor: Dr. Cheng-chen Huang, Biology, University of Wisconsin-River Falls

Research Location: University of Wisconsin-River Falls, Summer 2012

Research Topic: Congestive Heart Failure Drug Research


Heart failure, also known as Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) is a condition in which a heart cannot pump enough blood to meet the body's needs. After congestive heart failure is diagnosed, treatment should be started immediately. With the use of the Zebrafish model, we retested extracts from Chinese herbs to look for new heart failure drugs from natural sources. The extracts are named CH93 and CH18, In order to retest and see if these extracts are positive we did two experiments, the time course experiment and toxicity. The time course experiment was set up at different time slots and evaluated at the specific time window. The treated embryos (with AA, CH93 and CH18) were analyzed at 55hpf. At 55hpf the embryos in the control (AA treated) group showed severe heart failure, while experimental groups showed different degrees of rescue. The dosage curve experiment, the embryos were treated with 1µM, 10µM and 50µM. We are preparing to perform column chromatography to fractionate CH93 extract and hope identify the pure compound that rescues heart failure. Several molecular biology experiments are being conducted to understand the mechanism of CH93.