McNair Program

Why become a McNair Scholar

The McNair Program provides an enriching educational experiences for First-Generation college students from Low-Income backgrounds or who are a member of a historically underrepresented group (self-identify as African-American; Hispanic/Latino(a); Native American or Alaska Native; or a Native Hawaiian or Native Pacific Islander). The program helps students excel as undergraduates, succeed in graduate school and ultimately enter faculty positions in our nation's colleges and universities.

There are many benefits to becoming a McNair Scholar:

  1. Participate in a structured two-year program
  2. Workshops, courses and seminars on topics related to graduate school preparation
  3. A paid research project under the guidance of a faculty mentor
  4. Opportunities to present their research projects at local, regional and national conferences

The McNair Program offers undergraduates the chance to work closely with faculty members in an intensive summer research program experience. The relationship between the scholars and their faculty mentor is central to the McNair Program. After acceptance into the program, scholars work closely with their chosen faculty mentor to guide their summer research project.

  • Dylan Frikken
  • Hannah Murry
  • Kyle Lueckfeld
  • Temi
  • Pysics

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Mentors introduce scholars to the value of academic life, the joys of teaching and the benefits of working in the academic field. They provide invaluable advice, guidance and encouragement specific for their scholar's needs and interests. Throughout the summer research program, mentors involve their scholars in the process of conceptualizing and implementing their research. Scholars present their results to scholarly communities by attending local, regional and national conferences. Attending the conferences exposes scholars to new relationships within their field of study. The mentor's goal is to cultivate their scholar's desire for learning and personal academic achievement.

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