Audition Repertoire

Please carefully read through the information below regarding auditions for prospective Music Majors at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. If you have questions about the audition material or repertoire, please contact the Applied Instructor in your area of study.

Keep in mind that auditions for admittance into the music program are separate/distinct from the auditions for ensemble placements, which take place at the beginning of each semester. 

Recommended Audition Material

All Students - Instrumental and Vocal 

As a general recommendation, all incoming students (instrumentalists and vocalists) are encouraged to perform the two contrasting selections (etudes, movements, works):

  • One slow selection - to showcase phrasing, tone, intonation, etc.
  • One fast selection - to showcase technical skill, instrumental or vocal ability, etc.

Additional Instrumental Requirement

In addition to the materials listed above, instrumentalists will be asked to perform:

  • Major Scales - to showcase range, tone, technique, scale fluency, etc.

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