Modern Language Internship (MODL 379) 2-3 cr.

Internship Coordinator

  • Professor Juan Carlos Chaves, Spanish


  • Modern Language major or minor in good academic standing.
  • Junior standing.
  • Completion of French, Spanish, or German 302 or equivalent and consent of Modern Language Chair and internship supervisor. 
  • Student's GPA may be considered in the selection process.

Credits Received for Internships

  • 1 credit = 45 hours approximately.
  • Note: No more than three (3) credits can be used as electives in the major/minor.
  • The evaluation will be pass/fail.


  1. Submit an internship application to the Internship Coordinator.
  2. Provide the following supporting documents (in person, mail, or fax): a) A detailed job description from the sponsoring organization. Include dates of employment, number of work hours per week, and total hours of internship. This should be signed by the student and employer. b) A cover letter noting how the internship relates to your academic program and career interests. c) A current DAR (Degree Audit Report).
  3. Upon approval from the Internship Coordinator and Department Chair, the internship may begin.

To successfully complete the internship

  1. The student must submit a periodic report to the Internship Coordinator upon completion of 40 hours of work, and for every 40 hours completed thereafter.
  2. The Internship Coordinator will make contact with the employer as necessary. When feasible, the Internship Director will conduct a site visit with the intern and supervisor.
  3. The employer will submit an evaluation of the student's efforts at the end of the internship. The report shall consist of an evaluation of the student's progress, performance, and contributions while working for the sponsoring organization.
  4. The student will complete a maximum three-page, double-spaced typed report summarizing the internship experience. An explanation of how the internship related to academic course work must be included in this final report. Both content and writing quality will be evaluated. A final satisfactory grade will not be turned in until all the requirements of the internship have been successfully completed.


  • The internship program is designed as a learning experience. Therefore, the job content should reflect this goal. Job rotation, responsibility for special projects, or assisting a manager in his/her duties are all possible examples of a significant learning experience. Other considerations include scope of learning experiences, formal training, level of analysis, and decision-making. A workplace setting with structure and mentoring possibilities is generally expected.
  • Proper supervision of the student should be provided by the sponsoring organization. The student should have an individual within the company to resolve an questions or problems as they arise. Guidance is an important factor. The student is also encouraged to discuss any problems with the Internship Coordinator.

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