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Christine Duellman (French and Broadcast Journalism double major, graduated 2005)

I started looking for a job that allowed me to use my French and ended up finding that there are a lot of opportunities if you do a little research. Honestly the majority of the opportunities I found were in the fashion/beauty industry since Paris is one of the fashion capitals of the world. If students are interested in this industry then there is no better place in the US to go than New York. This is where all of the headquarters are and the most job opportunities for people interested in using their French.

I do want to point out that with these fashion/beauty industries there are endless jobs that involve the French language. For example, the corporation I work for has several departments for finance, marketing, public relations, creative and technological support. A lot of men work there too so it's not just an industry for women!

During my job hunt I also found job postings for positions at wine/champagne companies in addition to translation companies. Mostly I would type the word "French" into job searches and a ton of different things would pop up. I usually searched for jobs through career builder and However, I got the job I have now through networking. If anyone wants to learn more about my company they are more than welcome to call/email me at 651-353-0615 or

In New York a lot of people find jobs through agencies. One agency I went through was EuroMonde Inc. This agency placed people with a second (European) language in temp and permanent jobs. They were very helpful and called me with job opportunity (however I was already employed by then:). Next to networking I think this method of job hunting is the most effective because they usually do the networking for you.

I am currently working at Dior as their Education Development Manager. I can say without a doubt that the reason I was hired for this job was because I had a French degree."

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